Time has been tight for me lately.  I know, what’s new right?  Well I’m not just complaining this time.  I’ve made some changes that are going to allow me to do the work and fun which I most desire.  I’ve really missed many of my greatest pleasures.

Next week I’m going away for the week to visit a dear friend and get a bit of r+r.  When I return, so too will balance in my life.  Feeling a bit desperate really.

There are two kinds of tired, the one where you are savouring life and the other where you’re on the verge of burnout.  So I guess it’s obvious which one I’m at.  Other than that, life is pretty wonderful…family, friends, health, and work are all well.  But no one is going to take care of me for me.  Seems a perfect time to stop, rest, and start anew.

The pictures above are from earlier in the week, taken from the cockpit of the plane when returning home from a day in town.  I posted them on my Facebook page with the following message:

‘While flying home today I looked out the window of the cockpit and all I could think was ‘heaven’. It was so beautiful to observe the low lying clouds sandwiched between the magnificent blue sky above and dull grayness beneath. Bright sunbeams were streaming through as though angels were sending a message to not worry, for during the flight the winds were so strong that the plane jerked about. The eight minute flight seemed much longer and I felt a bit nervous.’

Ya, nervous like thoughts of crashing crossed my mind.  I quickly dismissed them and relaxed, though it was hard to avoid them completely sitting beside the pilot up front and all.  I could nearly feel the wind in my face.  Seriously.  Anyway, I lived to tell the tale and to give myself a good slap to stop whinging about my schedule and all and just figure it out already.  Facebook is not the place to open up so much, oddly enough because most people there I know to see, where as here I don’t but here it is safer, more caring and personal.  So please understand my recent absence and know I miss you all very much.  I will post my haiku and photo for this week before I head off on my mini vacation and then I’ll be off the grid until next weekend.  Woo hoo!  Looking forward to my return to me, refreshed and ready to create once again.

Melissa Xx


  1. Wow! You do live in a stunningly handsome place. As always, you write with so much good sense and wisdom. Glad to hear you will have some nurturing time. Keeping life in balance is an art that we all struggle with I think, especially Mum’s of young children. Have some fun and a real good rest Melissa. ❤️

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    • It is beautiful here Sandra and I’ve woke to a magnificent morning! I agree that most struggle with the tightrope walk also. I see it all around me though past me was better at managing it.. Working out of the house is the new element that needs balancing with all the rest. The home is the more enjoyable work for me so I’ve cut down my hours outside of it. I’m looking forward to this weekends work, then time away and returning refreshed and ready–future me is going to live life lots like past me, doing what she loves most which is creating in the garden, kitchen, craft room, and spending time with the family and just myself. Thank you for being such a reliable listener and source of encouragement over the last many months that I’ve been feeling this way. You are a special lady and friend!! Just love ya!!


  2. Roz Hill says:

    Well said Sandra. Sometimes being creative is a compulsion that takes its toll on fun filled everyday life. I too find it very difficult to get the balance right, something has to give. This choice must be easier for me. Helping to home school my two grandchildren occasionally wears me out, but does not compare with bringing up a young family. I remember those full time teaching days and my own kids, one day they are babes and in a blink they are leaving the nest, so much wonderful, energy sapping, nurturing. I admire the way your kids absorb your own creative instincts as a way of life. I appreciate the self sufficiency you strive for and the way you involve your family. I can see how you juggle with time, work and leisure. I am failing dismally and my winter crafting and blogging is suffering in favour of spring planting and family matters. Some days I feel old and retired and I can snooze and say I will do it tomorrow. You are young and vibrant my dear friend and you are a winner whatever options you choose. It is good to see you are thinking of yourself, try not to spread yourself thinly , less is more. Take care.💚💜💆💛 👨‍❤️‍👨💙❤️


    • It may be the lack of creativity that is stifling me Roz…I think it’s the hotel work, leaving my creative spaces each day and returning too tired to enjoy them upon my return that has drained me. Though there is truth to your words about creative compulsion and it’s so good that you put it on my mind because I have also tipped the scales in that direction. Though I must say, that recovery is more simple– a few naps here and there in the middle of the day usually has me bouncing right back and ready to put my mind and hands back at it. Your last sentence is my new motto Roz!! Thanks for simplifying it all into a single line! All your thoughtfulness is much appreciated. Hugs, Melissa

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  3. Denis1950 says:

    Enjoy your free personal time Melissa. Work is usually an interruption to the better aspects of living unless you are very lucky. While on your time away consider a lottery ticket, the Irish genes in me say when you are down take a little gamble, the little people may hear you!! I am also off for a week with my wife to re-charge my emotions, in the wild mountains of Western Victoria. Blog with you soon.

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  4. Thimberlina says:

    Crikey, I thought you was piloting the plane for a minute then! It’s quite cool that you have to take a trip in one to go to town, though I imagine it can be a pain too. It really does look beautiful where you are. Enjoy the R&R and stay well 🙂

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  5. Melissa Shaw-Smith says:

    One of the greatest gifts as we age is the perspective to know when to pull in our horns and not feel too guilty about it! Enjoy your time off. Hope you get the charge you need. Best to you, Melissa

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  6. Good to hear that you are going to take a break to recharge your battery. Well deserved…and probably long overdue. It’s interesting how even with so many wonderful things in our lives we can still feel out of balance. Glad to hear that your going to be off the grid too! Best wishes for a great week!

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    • Truth is Elizabeth, I don’t keep up, have been working outside the home too much, but am understanding that no amount of extra money is worth reducing quality of life and losing time for what matters most. Thanks for reading and looking forward to seeing what you have been up to soon as I play catch up. Enjoy the weekend. Xx

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  7. pagedogs says:

    I found it impossible to keep a good balance in my life when I was working and had children. You can’t do everything. Many things that I loved to do were put by the wayside and I’m only now getting back to them in retirement. So, do your best, enjoy your family, and adjust as needed. No matter what, a week of r&r always helps. Have fun.

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    • I couldn’t agree more and have been feeling it impossible to do both well and feel good about it all. I am fortunate that my job allows me to work full or part time so I can tweek it until I find what works best. I enjoyed my getaway immensely and looking forward to spring. I hope there are signs of spring in your neck of the woods too!

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    • Thanks, been and back now and feeling great for it. Hope you have been well and are looking at the backside of winter. I’m looking forward to catching up on all my reading and seeing what you girls have been up to. Chat soon. 🙂



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