Art For Art’s Sake




feelings about plans

are upheaved

Have you ever written something in first person point of view for the sake of art that you aren’t entirely convinced is true or within your own beliefs?

I ask because I don’t really believe what I wrote in the above haiku and only did so to achieve the opposites aspect of it.  Written in the past tense, it states that my joy about our plans to at last recover our polytunnel were dashed away by an unexpected puff of wind. 

I know that isn’t going to happen though.  The thought had never even crossed my mind.

As a believer in the Law of Attraction, I was hesitant to pen the words, but it just worked so well.  I’m too positive a person to worry that our plans might literally be blown away into orbit. 

Is there a line that shouldn’t be crossed for the sake of art– perhaps one of moral integrity?  Can form truly be separated from content?   Should art stand alone, separate from religion, politics, and humanity?  Is it even possible for art to exist in a separate realm from life’s other matters?  These thoughts are lingering in my mind as I debate printing something, as trivial as it is, that I don’t truly mean.

Ronovan’s haiku words this week are ‘plan & lift’ and the photo word is ‘outline’ (the tunnel frame being an outline of what’s to come).  Anyone can join in; both challenges are growing week by week.


  1. Olga says:

    There’s a fine line between one’s reality and creative expression. I’ve posted imaginative, creative pieces where certain readers assume it’s my truth or reality, but it’s just creative expression to fit the form. It’s almost like one has to write a disclaimer each time when it’s just creative license. The opposite also happens, when I read a piece and think the writer is in distress and try to be comforting and discover it was about an imaginative character. I’m very careful about my blogging comments now. Ha ha!

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    • Your writing is very imaginative, that’s for sure! There is such freedom in that…perhaps I should consider another blog where I could go beyond these four walls I’ve built here, oh for the time! Because my blog is strictly about my family life on the island, our farm, gardens and creative ways of having fun, make ends meet, etc…pure non-fiction, that is why I asked the question, as minute as my misstatement is. With other islanders reading, I feel even more obligated to represent our life and surroundings in their truest sense, as I experience it that is. I suppose your mention of a disclaimer takes care of any doubt if ever the situation arises again…it is just a poem after all! 😀

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      • Olga says:

        It can be tricky to step out of one’s usual blogging brand. That’s one reason I joined the Three Line Tales. It allowed me to express other sides of my writing ability rather than just haiku. Another blog may be advisable if you’re the “community blogger” and want to express yourself in other ways. Good-luck in your journey, Melissa.

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  2. Denis1950 says:

    Hi Melissa, what you write is what you feel to express, so go with it. I often write more than one haiku to the same idea, to express the options especially if I start to argue with myself. My haiku sensei says anything is haiku , (within limits I guess) This haiku is fine , its what you felt when your polytunnel took off . Didn’t you just have a holiday?

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    • Actually the polytunnel didn’t take off, as into orbit, we took it off to enlarge it. But I agree with you, it’s a poetic expression of a possibility not an actual reality and it was on my mind so I went with the flow of thought. I was hesitant, but enough time since I wrote it to realize there’s no regrets and no harm done.

      Yes, I did have a glorious holiday away and have been under the weather this week with a head cold so another few extra days off as well. Feeling super now, tunnel is up and head is clear! I hope you have a wonderful Easter weekend Denis.


      • Denis1950 says:

        I have read your get winds that can take buildings away so I thought a poly tunnel could end up in Iceland. Hope you get over the cold fast Melissa. Happy Easter to you and your family. We are having a quiet time , its one month since Charlie died

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        • It has happened here on the island alright that tunnels have been uplifted by the force of wind, just not to ours thankfully. My cold is mostly better now, thanks.

          So sorry to hear about Charlie passing. I know the pain is like none other, probably hurting even more now than when it happened. I had a cat, Rosie for all of my childhood until young adulthood. After she passed away I would see her out of the corner of my eyes in the house or feel her at my feet above the covers of the bed, just like she always had been. Those were hard moments. Sending you hugs and healing thoughts. Melissa


  3. Roz Hill says:

    I say ” Go with Flo” Melissa !
    Sometimes the first option is quick and comes to mind and it fits the bill!
    I guess I think like this because I have so little time to spare for poetry although I would love to spend the hours with it as I once did!!
    However , as in this case , I am pleased you gave an explanation too.
    I hope you get the poly fixed soon. 💚💛❤️💜💙
    Ps…love your kids

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    • I like to think I write creatively but straight from the heart about our real life, so honesty matters. As meaningless as this mistruth is, it got me wondering about attitudes towards non-fiction truth bending. I am happy I gave the explanation too and am really appreciative of everyone’s reassurances in the comments. I would love to read more of your poetry if you have some from days when time was more plentiful, but only if you are open to sharing. Have a lovely Easter and thanks for kind comment about my picture of the children too! Talk soon!!


  4. As you very well may know…here in Maine we would say ” never let the truth get in the way of a good story”. Let it apply to the writings of Haiku, for art’s sake and don’t let the plastic on the hi- tunnel blow off! Wishing you all well. Life finally greening up a bit here, but snow forecasted for Monday. Denise

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    • Ha, ha, love that line!! Just brilliant 😀 The plastic is up since last Monday and I will post a pic soon. Very exciting indeed. Finally shook the head cold thing I had and went into the tunnel for the first time today. Had I gone in earlier in the week, I would probably have recovered quicker–it was so therapeutic! Did you get the snow? April not too far off now…


  5. I’ve often written something as a thought that was evolved from something I saw or something I was a part of. It didn’t necessarily have anything to do with what I was experiencing. But the thoughts were there and I found them worthy of capturing.

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  6. That’s a lot of deep thinking. Really gets back to the question what is art? The definition I settled on is this, “Art is that which causes an emotional response.” Not all art is esthetically pleasing or makes us feel good. Sometimes it makes us angry, sad, confused. Sometimes we pursue art just to sort out how we feel about something. Some art we do just for ourselves.

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    • Your last line says so much, making the many responses acceptable, because in the end, if done for self, then other’s opinions are just that, their opinions. How others are affected is beyond our control. Reminds me of this… I am responsible for what I say, not for what you hear.

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  7. gaiainaction says:

    A fine haiku, it makes one think and so it is ‘art’ as what defines ‘art’ is that which moves us in some way, does something to us. Lovely Melissa and it looks like you all had lots of fun on St.Patricks day! 🙂

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  8. As always your post makes me smile and makes me think. I’m with you on the laws of attraction etc so completely understand your dilemma. I’m thinking your thoughtful explanation has negated any problem! I even wondered about whether swapping the last line for the first would work, but it would need more jiggling.
    What an adorable photo of your children! ☘ 💚 💚 💚 💚 💚 ☘

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    • I think the explanation is the key. If stretching the truth for the sake of art, fess up. At least in the case of a writer such as myself who is non fiction, lifestyle primarily. I know this is a wee fib, but petty lies are nonetheless lies and can be damaging as lies have a tendency to be….no one can predict the future and these things can take on a life of their own.

      I think you are on to something regarding reversing the lines, and yes jiggling would need doing. Fortunately this one is behind me now!! 😀

      Thanks for appreciating the children’s Paddy’s Day fun!!

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  9. My feelings about truth in art is that what is written or created in some other way doesn’t have to be factually true, imaginative pieces can often hold a deeper truth about life. But for myself I would always want to be true to what I believe.

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    • Love what you said about imaginative pieces holding deep truths about life, and I completely agree. Appropriateness of such creativity depends very much on the venue and the audience. While my blog can be imaginative, it must remain truthful because of the nature of it representing my family, lifestyle, island. Realizing that the above haiku is insignificant in all of that mentioned, stretching the truth got me thinking that I had never done it here and just curious about other’s thoughts on it. The comments have been very helpful in my seeing more clearly that it’s okay to do, just depends where it’s being done. Thanks for taking the time to give your point of view. Have a super weekend.

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  10. I do believe that art should stand alone (to some extent) from religion, politics and humanity. It’s all about moving people, making them think outside the box, taking the blinders off so that they may see outside their comfort zone. It doesn’t have to be the truth. I think most people are not expecting the truth.

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    • I’m understanding that now, as all the comments have led me to seeing the flexibility available to us writers and the openness of the readers. I think most people are expecting honesty from me as that is the type of writing I do, about island living and our family, home and farm. While I love writing about this, the commentary dialogue has made me curious about writing more imaginatively. A seed has been planted!

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  11. kim says:

    I think maybe art can be a great many things – truth and reality, ideals and possibilities – all of it and none of it too. A thoughtful post – thanks Melissa. Have a lovely weekend. x

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  12. Excellent post raising of big questions and possibilities when it comes to our creativity.
    Embrace the faith that the Universe/Power of Attraction is surely not a mean spirited trickster, waiting to sabotage you over a well crafted haiku.
    The lively discussion following surely has my attention.

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    • Very interesting discussion indeed, with so many different personalities, varieties of writing styles and genres, overwhelmingly the message I am receiving is that art is in the eye of the creator, honesty being variable.

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  13. aj vosse says:

    I can see your positivity in every post!
    No… one cannot and should not try to separate art from life! The more you give vent to your creativity the more fulfilled you become!! Trust me… during the hard times of unemployment and illness, being creative stops one from toppling totally off the cliff! 😉
    I also believe art should have nothing to do with faith or belief! I, for one, am a believer but that doesn’t stop me from enjoying or creating what others may deem to be risqué or bold! 😉

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