Springing in the Rain





showery days don’t

allow play time out of doors

to burn energy


A drizzle quickly turned into a downpour today but not before I captured Margaret Maeve enjoying some exercise on her pogo stick.

As a child, I recall playing in the rain in the sticky heat of summer while jumping in puddles on the hot tarmac of the driveway.  My sense of smell holds this memory tightly.

Another thought is of my entire family racing home from a walk in the neighbouring woods just in time to get out of the down pouring rain, only to discover we were locked out of the house.  What fun we had ducking into our fort that wasn’t exactly watertight!  It was the first and only time my parents ever joined us there, but so memorable.

And many times I’m caught out with my own children while walking the dog and we giggle as we sprint towards home.  Of course, we can only go as fast as the youngest little legs can.

Do you remember playing in the rain as a child, or have you as an adult, with or without your own children?

These memories were brought forth by this week’s photo challenge word ‘spring’ and Ronovan’s haiku words ‘shower & play’.

Have a happy weekend everyone!

Melissa Xx


    • There’s something so wonderful about growing up where there’s a season or two warm enough to enjoy such pleasures as a child. Mine will never know it as you and I have, but then they don’t know what they’re missing either. Welly boots and slickers, racing home to warm pajamas and hot cocoa puts the same smile on their faces it seems. 🙂

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  1. Of all the beautiful emotions known to man none come out as beautifully as when one gets drenched in the rains. My entire childhood is an amalgamation of mesmerizingly unforgettable emotions built on the bedrock of heavenly rains.

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    • Some of the greatest moments of laughter have come in those moments, usually running at the same time when far from shelter. You childhood sounds just glorious! Thanks for your beautiful comment.


  2. Love this!!!! The haiku sentences work with two completely different ideas! You cracked it – congratulations. I’m very impressed. And I just love the series of photos and your interpretation of ‘spring’.
    I remember my brother, sisters and I all sitting on a wall in the rain holding our mouths open, heads tilted back, ‘drinking’ the rain and feeling the tickle of the rain drops on our faces and giggling – sweet memories.

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    • Aw, now that you mention it, I remember doing that too with my siblings and friends. So happy you jogged that memory for me!!
      Regarding the haiku– thanking you much!! I didn’t bother to say, but I wrote this is record time. Wondered if the opposites came across as obviously as I thought and delighted to hear that you think so!! Think I will frame the pictures as suggested in another comment.

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    • I don’t remember wellies being essential back in the States, but everyone owns them here in Ireland and with good reason. Puddle splashing wouldn’t be the same without them, though bare footed is pretty nice too if the weather is warm enough.

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  3. Thimberlina says:

    What a happy post with lovely memories! I never had a pogo stick but a girl up the street would let me go on hers. I loved it!i remember rain not being as cold when I was a child, but it probably was 🌂🌦☔️

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  4. Pogo sticks were great fun! You’ve certainly captured it here, love your little girl’s ponytail! Photo series worthy of framing. To this day, I think getting caught in a surprise shower can be great fun. In warm weather, it’s a treat.

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    • Thanks for the idea of framing, I think I will do! Just today we went on a hike and got caught in some light showers. I agree, it was great fun! Mostly it was sunny though. Still, we enjoyed warming up over lunch in a local restaurant by their fire. It was a wonderful family day. I hope you are having a wonderful week!

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  5. oriana77 says:

    Melissa – We enjoy a similar weather to you with almost daily rain and wind, so yes, we have spent way too many hours out in the rain with both kids and dogs.

    I coached both our kids playing football (soccer over here), with our son playing 5 or 6 days a week. When little, it was a challenge keeping interest in the ball, as puddles seemed to have a magnetic attraction for kids. At least weekly we were soaked to the skin on returning to the car, with towels to protect the seats. Heater on full for the drive home. Never discouraged them.

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