Friends Helping Friends

With the help of friends and cooperation from Mother Nature, we at last got our new plastic on our enlarged polytunnel. In chilly weather with many helping hands,we had the work done in record time.  It’s a wonderful feeling to accomplish such a large and necessary task with the cooperation of so many, each knowing instinctively when to lead, when to follow, and when to stay out of the way.

in shivering air

with so much work to be done

friendship warms the heart

20160325_123745 (2)

The photo challenge word of the week is ‘friends’ and Ronovan’s haiku challenge words this week are ‘friend & shiver’.

True friends are among the greatest of all blessings….feeling appreciation for all my friendships, near and far.

p.s. Apologies for not answering comments sooner!  Busy days keeping me from doing so…neglecting my cyber friends feels horrible, but I’m steadily balancing the scales of work and home.  Thanks for your continued understanding and wonderful advice about managing it all.

Melissa Xx


    • It seems with our cooling weather we are putting more and more into the tunnel, well that is placing outside and a couple backup plants in the tunnel, just in case. The last couple years some things did better in the tunnel. In other cases it just extended the season for the veg.

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  1. pagedogs says:

    That’s a good-sized tunnel. I’m looking forward to seeing it in full production. As for blog comments, they can wait until next winter, right? I love the photo with the chickens. It really gives a feel for your corner of the world. It’s freezing here in Maine again. Shiver and wait.

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    • I planted tomatoes today and have been seeding quite a bit now. Such a delight to be in the tunnel again working away. It is like another world as our weather has been a bit cool and wet, a bit grim for April. Surely we should both warm up soon! Thanks for understanding about my lack of interaction here. A bit frustrating but just have to go with the flow…
      How has your weather been lately?

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      • pagedogs says:

        The weather? It’s spring in Maine. That says it all, no? A little snow, a little sun, a little rain, wind from the north, gales from the south, and it’s still pretty cold. Oh, I forgot the fog. We’ve had that, too. We’re supposed to have a nice stretch of sun and more warmth this week, but I’m not holding my breath.

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        • Ugh, yes, I understand. Did you forget mud? Sorry! lol!! Sounds very much like our weather here, as well as what is predicted. Deep breaths and fingers crossed that it truly is on the way! The tunnel on the other hand is like a tropical climate if we would ever get any sunshine…

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    • Thank you Cecilia! Many hands make light work, proven here. It’s a great feeling to know help is there when needed and to be able to return the favour is just as wonderful. I really appreciate your warm and thoughtful comment. Melissa 🙂


  2. It is really nice to have such good friends. It was a wonderful haiku as well. I have not seen any other blog who make use of life events and prompts in such a elegant way. It is always nice and happy to read your posts. 🙂

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    • Goodness, your comment really warms my heart. Perhaps because elegant always seemed special and something mostly which I am not, but the way you have chosen to describe with it, well is extra special to me and perhaps there is a bit of elegance in my thinking? Thank you for seeing something and then taking the time to share it with me.
      And yes, it is expecially wonderful to have such good friends. Xx

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      • I am so happy to hear that! 🙂

        I have always believed that elegance comes with simplicity. The way you put forth even the simple thoughts, at-least for me looks elegant. I am sure i have picked the right word.
        (Though a infrequent visitor, i sure have enjoyed reading the posts so far)

        Pleasure is all mine.. 🙂

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  3. Susanne says:

    I’m not sure I know what a polytunnel is… a sort of greenhouse??
    Love the header pic with the kids playing music. It’s like I always said, that Irish kids were born with a tin whistle in their mouths.. lol.

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    • Indeed Susan, it is a sort of greenhouse. I was never familiar with them in America but they are common here in Ireland. While they may not be as nice to look at, they are far more affordable and do the job brilliantly.

      Love that thought and must agree, the tin whistle nearly comes with the crib. Such a blessing to have music, sport, and art be such a large part of their academics. Cheers!


  4. Donna George says:

    Hi Melissa
    I’m thinking it’s a greenhouse… Nice, big one too. One of the best things in life is loyal friends who are there when you need them :))Looks like you have them. Love the photo.
    – All the best



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