A Late Arrival

chicken and dragon

invite oviparous friends

to just lay around


Dragons lay eggs.  Thankfully.  That little fact was helpful to know when trying to harmoniously combine Ronovan’s haiku words ‘dragon & invite’  this last week into my photo/haiku combo.

I had a bit of fun with the photo word ‘layer’ as it’s an accurate description of our chickens– they’re all very good egg layers.  And when they’re not laying eggs they like just laying around, particularly in the holes that they scratch for themselves.

I had this post nearly ready to go last week but then my son became ill.  He is fine now; not his appendix.  Another thing to be grateful for, this one more meaningful than the bit of trivia I shared above.

One of the disadvantages to living on an island is that a trip to the mainland hospital isn’t uncommon if there’s any uncertainty as to what’s ailing one.  The flip side to that coin is that we have constant access to competent and caring medical professionals here.  

More often than not, when we find ourselves in the hospital we arrive back home knowing only that the cause of discomfort or condition is not life threatening or serious.   This, after a night or two in the hospital because, after all, if there’s a chance it could be life threatening or serious, they can’t be sending us back to the island.  Always relieved to be sent home eventually, but puzzled that no definitive diagnosis is made.   Maybe this is par for the course with children?  Anyhoo, happy to toss my overdue haiku/photo into the mix. 

Melissa Xx

p.s. Go here to see how other’s interpreted the photo word and to the comments of this post to see what other’s wrote for their haiku.


  1. I hope, that your son is doing better now Melissa. Kids do often attract different kind of illness, but most of the times, they will be healthy in short time again. Their immune system are not so developed, before they become adults.

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  2. Laurie Graves says:

    So glad there is nothing seriously wrong with your son! And how lucky you are to have such good health care available to you and your family. In the U.S., health care is a mess. Obama has made it a bit better, but it still has a long way to go.


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  4. I am glad your son is well. That must be precarious when it comes to medical emergencies there. I never gave thstva thought. It sounds like your doctors are similar to our. They can’t tell you what it is but can tell you everything it isn’t., which I suppose is better than just guessing based on the symptoms. They follow it up with, ” the only way we know for sure is if we open you up” and who wants that? 🙂

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  5. So happy it turned out okay. We’ve had numerous trips to A&E over the past few months with my daughter, suspected appendicitis, then diagnosed with IBS. In the end we went to a nutritional therapist in Kinsale who does Bio Resonance (computerized Kinesiology) and it looks like she’s finally getting sorted. The worries of being a parent. I think I aged ten years in ten months.

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      • She did, but couldn’t swallow the peppermint oil capsules the hospital prescribed. She also suffers from reflux, it’s in the family. Stool sample shows a yeast problem and she is now on a variety of stuff to treat it and to repair the lining of her digestive tract, at the advice of her nutritional therapist. The doctors only prescribe drugs and not too much advice on diet and nutrition. Staying away from sugars and grain has made a huge difference. Peanuts, cashews and rice, too, as they have a naturally occurring mold that Megan is sensitive to at the moment, so she has switched from rice milk to almond or coconut. Dairy is out, as are all fermented foods for now. She can eat lots of meat (except cow) eggs and fish, veg and some fruit. Cooking has become a challenge, to say the least, but in time she should be back to a fairly normal diet but with less sugar and grain, which isn’t such a bad thing, really.

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  6. debc says:

    I can see the connection between hen and dragon. I have some Rhode Islands Reds I call my ‘Dragon Ladies’ because they scream and roar like angry dragons when they are in their laying nests.

    Nice haiku. 😀

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    • Am delighted you can relate and had considered writing from that angle but wasn’t sure how convincing it would be to those who only get one dimension of her. I have always thought she was dragon-like as well and that may well be her new nickname! Cheers!!

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  7. BellyBytes says:

    You’ve been really busy I can see. Glad to know your son is well. I had my appendix removed when I was 8 and had to be careful not to do too much for 6 weeks ( that made me lazy for life! ) though I’m sure surgeries and recoveries have changed since then.

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  8. Hi Melissa! Great photo/haiku combo! It’s so unique and creative. I never would have thought a dragon could have anything in common with a chicken. I’m glad your son is okay and doesn’t have anything serious. 🙂 xx


  9. gaiainaction says:

    I’m a bit late on the scene here, I have not been looking or reading the blogs that I follow since I came home last week, but I am finally getting around to it, and happy too. I was very sorry to read your little boy was unwell and glad all seems to be better now Melissa. Love the photo of your hen (I was told off by my young grandchild today because I called a hen a chicken 🙂
    Anyway, it is a great challenge to write a haiku and I think you do great, not sure if I could do it, not right now anyway. Glad you enjoy it so much.
    Kind regards, Agnes

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