In the Merry Month of May


As the end of May approaches it’s time to share what’s been going on around here.  The weather has been simply amazing, much too wonderful to stay indoors.

Johnny and Adrien made new window boxes, designed to fit perfectly inside the window ledge.  There’s more space for soil which should retain moisture much better.  They dry out quickly, often needing watering twice a day so I’ll also add some recycled plastic bottles for a water drip system to each box.

Another item off the Amazon wish list!  A weather vane is now adorning the roof of our chicken coop.  Nuala and Tadhg worked very well together assembling it for me.

Despite the very young man at the home and garden store telling me tires couldn’t be painted and thinking I was a bit of an eccentric, I purchased six colours of outdoor paint to transform the tire planters and I’ve been chipping away at the 42 tires over the last two days.  The students will be planting out their pumpkins in a few weeks, one plant per tire.  Cornflower, borage, and nasturtium are growing in the soil between the tires and the stone walls.  Sorry, no photo of finished tires, yet!  A work in progress…

We’re collecting pallets that will become a fence around the pumpkin area that will double as vertical flower planters and a much-needed wind block shelter for the plants.

Some lovely things around the flower gardens and farm.  Can you see the slug’s pneumostome/breathing hole?   I loved the photo of Nuala drawing her world, then saw it on the video at the end…life through a child’s eye!

I’ll leave you with a few shots from inside the tunnel.  I swear most of these plants have grown significantly in the three to seven days since the pictures were taken.  The apple tree was potted up since and the lettuce has really shot up in size.

Enjoy the last days of the merry month of May, Melissa Xx


    • The weather has been so cooperative it is hard to stay indoors really. Even with sunblock, I have had rosy cheeks most days. The tires are turning out as magnificent as I envisioned and three more colours to go. Really transforms them and we hope the children will be delighted by them too!


  1. BellyBytes says:

    You are really busy and I’m going to make you even busier with the nomination for the Liebster Award via my blog My first ever blogger award #Liebster Award | Mumbai On A High
    I’ve informed you of this via a comment on your earlier post but you may have missed it.
    Please do accept it because not only do you deserve it but everyone needs to be treated to your delightful blog!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks Karina. The window boxes make me very happy and just in time as the plastic ones were nearing ten years old and showing their age with cracks, etc. The tomatoes have been loving the heat and were a wonderful surprise this week.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Oh, the bounty that awaits us in the gardens!! All the work that goes into it, but the process such a delight! All looks grand over your way…love the weathervane and the painted tires!! Can imagine walking that high road just above your home and looking down at your family inspired paradise!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Really looking forward to courgettes but not even a flower bud as of yet. How is your weather?…suppose I should take a wander over and see what you’ve been up to. Tomorrow that’s my plan. Spent today in Inis Oirr at tri-island music feis. A pure delight!!

      Imagine me at the top of the road looking down, dreaming up the next project, etc!

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    • They really make such a difference. Thanks for expressing your appreciation. My son is really proud for his part, as he should be. I will pass on your kind words. Enjoy the weekend! 🙂


    • Aw, thanks Jean. I am really enjoying the tires…have done teal, pink, and yellow also. Will share when the project is completed. Fingers crossed the sunshine lasts a few days longer! Enjoy your weekend. 😀

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  3. Brenda says:

    Those window boxes are perfect. I’m glad that you are having such wonderful weather. It’s been lovely here in Maine, too, but we desperately need rain. Getting a little this morning. I hope your June is as fine as your May!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Fingers crossed that this weather holds. My folks were saying the same, about the weather back in Maine. We just had the best kind of rain–much needed, came in the evening after a warm and sunny day, and ending just before sunrise. I hope your fine weather keeps on keeping on too!!

      Thank you, I am so happy with the window boxes! 😀


  4. chef mimi says:

    It all looks so beautiful! The one thing about cool weather, I’m thinking the mountain towns of Colorado and Utah, is that the flowers always look so beautiful. And you get to grow primroses! They will not grow where I live, sadly.

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  5. Lovely! The painted tires will be a perfect enclosure for the pumpkins, love the window boxes, and the weather vane. Wonderful photos, capped off with the video that just made me smile from start to finish. 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you Irene. The students return this week to plant their pumpkins. Only today did I finish painting the 42 pumpkins, much to my relief. They look brilliant; I’ll post a picture in the near future. Hope you are well. Very busy days here as tourist season is in full swing on the island…hardly a moment to sit down. Talk soon, Melissa.

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