Almost Home


20160713_191737 (2)

The Straw Island lighthouse in the background is a sure sign of nearly being home.

Dolphins swimming in the wake behind the ferry as it motored into Kilronan Harbour were an unexpected surprise for everyone travelling to the island last evening. Though not an unprecedented sight, it’s far from a common one, and even if it were, how could it not inspire the marvelous feelings of wonder and delight?

For a split second I had the thought to jump overboard and join the dolphins. I am not insane, so therefore I didn’t, but swimming in the sea surrounding the island brings me much comfort. I’ve said over and over, no matter what time of year or how cold it is, I’ve never regretted getting in for a swim. And I always take time to just float, amazed how I’m completely and effortlessly supported by the ocean while conscious of my relaxed muscles, relieved tensions, and a silence that imaginably could only be duplicated through deafness.

I hope everyone has a sense of what that’s like– being utterly unable to be anywhere except for the moment one is in.  That feeling came over me and caused me to pause while taking these photographs. I put down the camera and just stared at the actual visual reality.

I’m certain that this magical encounter was just the beginning of a memory making island adventure for most who were watching. That said, for me it was a reminder of home sweet home. I hardly needed another prompt– returning home after being away often feels like the highlight of the trip, back to my husband and children, animals and garden, work and friends, routine and familiarity.

My photography isn’t good enough to express the adjectives I was feeling and these pictures don’t speak a thousand words or even a small fraction of that, but still, I couldn’t resist sharing them and, in the process, reliving the moment for myself.

Happy weekend everyone!

Melissa Xx


  1. Laurie Graves says:

    Wonderful pictures! I would be thrilled beyond belief to see such a sight. I know just what you mean about being in the moment. That is how I feel when I write and when I take pictures. A beautiful feeling.

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      • Laurie Graves says:

        I am sure it was! In Maine, it has been hot, hot, hot and very humid. At least in central Maine. I’ve decided that summers here are more like summers in southern New England. A real change in the past five or ten years. Still, I love the light and the bike rides and the night on the patios. But those 95 degree days!

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  2. Murtagh's Meadow says:

    I love dolphins and also love the sea. I know exactly what you mean about swimming in the sea. The poor weather the last few weeks though has meant no trips to the coast – but hopefully soon!!

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  3. Brenda says:

    Wouldn’t you love to be a dolphin for a day and experience their world? They always seem to be having fun. Likely their lives are a hard slog, but you’d never know it watching them playing in a boat’s wake. I love them.
    I am with you on floating in the ocean. It is the most relaxing thing I know and something I mentally conjure up when I’m feeling stressed. Finally, it’s always a good measure of a happy, loved home that returning is the best part of the trip.

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  4. oriana77 says:


    A truly memorable sight, that for me, brings back many fond memories of my days at sea, when we would stand on the bridge wing watching the dolphins race around the ship and even pass underneath. It doesn’t matter how many times you see dolphins or whales from a ship, you never become jaded.

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