Children’s Sewing Day Camps on Inis Mor


Sewing is very much like engineering: you’re building something. You have to plan ahead, visualize the finished project, and understand how each step creates the foundation for the next one.

It’s also good for children’s fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination, but the mental exercises are just as valuable.  Problem-solving, perseverance and patience can all be learned from sewing. Following instructions and organizing abilities are also gained.

Each day camp teaches beginner sewing skills to children and is suitable for ages 6 years and up, boys and girls.

They’ll be taught to operate a basic sewing machine and use sewing tools as they complete a project each day.

Camps are held July 25-28, August 1-4. Each single day camp is from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.

A single day is €30 and any additional days are €25 each.  Children bring a bag lunch and everything else is provided.

There are 7 projects in total with loads of boys & girls fabric choices for each.

20150806_140431July 25– Pillow with two front pockets— Great for first time sewists, the pillow has one clear vinyl photo pocket over a second felt pocket.

July 26– Lunch bag with waterproof, washable, breathable, and mildew proof lining.  Features fold top with velcro closure. Has a clear vinyl window to personalize.

July 27– Waterproof drawstring backpack with inside pocket.  Great for swim lessons.

20150805_145524 (4)July 28– Reversible A5 book cover with pen holder and bookmark.  Book and pen included.

Aug 1– Sew then colour your own tote bag.  Includes a set of ten colourful permanent markers.  Strap colours include pink, orange, yellow, red, blue, and black.

Aug 2– Set of three fabric nesting storage boxes. A great beginner project

Aug 3– Half-fold wallet with zipper closure for coins and bills, three 20150727_140340card pockets, clear vinyl photo holder, and velcro tabs to keep securely closed.

Aug 4– Waterproof drawstring backpack with inside pocket.

To register, check for availability, or to get more information, contact me here, call or text me at 087 315 2279, or send me an email at    Cheers, Melissa

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  1. Lovely projects! What a great idea and teaching the children a skill as well. There’s nothing so good to hear as,
    “I made it myself!”. Sent you an email – was going to try to come out on Thursday, July 28 – looks like you’ll be busy, though.

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  2. CurlsnSkirls says:

    Of course it’s engineering, plus all the art/design principles of using colours, scale, proportion, line, and more. Let’s not forget imaginations, thinking outside the box, and creativity.
    Creative thinking cannot be taught or managed, but it can be nurtured; and creative thinking is greatly needed everywhere, not just business.
    Best wishes for your creative sewing days!

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    • Thank you Irene. I started sewing when I was seven years of age and that is partly why I have a passion about teaching children. Sewing has been a life long learning adventure for me and I hope I am inspiring others to follow that path, hobby or profession!


    • So far so good…we are in week 2. The reward is in the excitement when they show the projects to their parents. They are all so capable and eager and fun to teach! Rolling on, three more days….


    • Ha, ha! I know very well how important that last skill is as I learned it too late in life–you’ve stirred a marvelous flashback to a time when I was stalled in the middle of a four way intersection! I will definitely add that to the list of life skills to pass on to my own. 😀

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