Garden to Table: Preserving Tomatoes


Start with some lovely fresh tomatoes of any shape, size, or colour.

Get them ready for semi-drying by putting tomatoes into a bowl and drizzling olive oil on to coat.  Cut cherry tomatoes in half, larger tomatoes into 3/8 inch (just under a cm) slices. Lay onto a non-stick baking sheet and brush oil over to cover cut sides of the tomatoes.


After about 4 hours in 225F/107C oven they should be ready. Check often during the drying process. Just semi-dry; keep slightly moist with some a wee bit chewy.


Pack into herb and/or garlic infused olive oil and use within ten days or freeze immediately in airtight container.

Semi-drying concentrates the natural sugars in tomatoes and makes a wonderful pairing with garlic and herbs.  They’ll store all winter in the freezer and easily thaw for using as is on salads, sandwiches, or stir fries.  They make a delectable pesto, add super sweetness to spaghetti sauce, and are perfection on pizza.   This technique is an all around winner–a super easy way of getting tasty, organic, homegrown tomatoes in January. 

Apologies for ending with attention brought to winter, but I’m having so much fun preparing for it.  It’s a beautiful morning here today, far from wintry, so I shall go outside and enjoy it now!

Hugs and happiness, Melissa Xx




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