It’s not that my blog is less important to me…

Screenshot_2016-09-20-11-33-39 (2).jpgIt’s just that the time I have available on social media limits me to using my phone instead of my pc.  Entire blog posts require more time than a quick tweet from the break room at the hotel or a facebook update from one of the back fields does.  So that’s where I’m at these days.  Going with the flow.

This week I’m having fun curating the Twitter account for @smallholderIRL. I’ll be tweeting ten or so times each day as I go through my day.

I’ll have more time sitting here at my pc soon enough as this tourist season is coming to an end.  But for now, let’s catch up on Twitter or Facebook!

Hope everyone is having a fruitful autumn full of good health and happiness!

Melissa Xx


      • sailimo says:

        Ohmygod. That’s the first I heard of it. It won’t be the same without him!!! Let’s hope he stays on for a while. But I suppose retirement also needs to be enjoyed!!! Haven’t been this summer. A few other trips were planned and very busy with my baskets. Working hard right now to get ready for the Glennamaddy Ploughing. Take care. X

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        • You have a great life, doing what you love most!
          I only just heard about Joel as we tried to book our hotel staff party with him. I’ll let you know when I hear if he is staying or going.
          Enjoy Glennamaddy!!


  1. Roz Hill says:

    I am mostly on Facebook Melissa, just can’t seem to get my head around tweeting!
    I am neglecting clay and egg carving with a passion for teaching easy crochet at the moment. Just getting going yet another blog called ( think that’s it ok) and Facebook page called easy freeform crochet.
    Mega hugs Roz 💚💛❤️💜💙

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