My Quiche ‘How-To’

After posting a picture of 3 quiches I recently made on my Facebook page I received a request to share the recipes with a group I’m in, Green Earth Organics health eating.  Now that I’ve done so, it seemed only right to also share that effort here on my blog.  I’ve called it a ‘how-to’ as it doesn’t exactly fit the criteria of a recipe but it does provide detailed and practical advice on how to make them yourself.


3 quiches- Latticed courgette, deep dish pumpkin & goat’s feta, and baby carrot, broccoli, & corn.

To a basic quiche crust recipe, I added ground dillisk as a salt substitute, both pretty and pretty tasty. The pic below gives a good angle of the pans I used. Definitely, precook the pie shells. I tried many times to skip this step succeeding only a few times; a big messy mistake which I won’t make again. You’ve been warned.


Ready to go in the oven.

For the courgette-I lined the bottom of the pie shell with a wee bit 20160906_094916.jpgof grated cheddar then atop that added a thin layer of onion and 1/2″ courgette slices (from a small courgette), both sautéed. Next, I poured an egg, cheese, and milk mixture over the top. The courgette lattice was made by using a vegetable peeler and slicing thin strips from a rather large courgette.



20160922_143457_richtonehdrFor the pumpkin-I lined the bottom 1″ of the pie shell with 1/2″ chunks of roasted pumpkin that was sautéed with garlic, red onion, chopped sage, and one Swiss chard leaf (chop the rib as you would celery and tear the leaf into 2″ish pieces).  I then pureed about 1 1/2 cups of pumpkin chunks, beat in eggs and milk (it thickens a good bit and definitely inspired me for other uses), and next added chunks of feta cheese.  This I poured over the pumpkin chunks and baked.  The sage leaves adorning it are flash fried in butter and added on before serving.  *A side note: the pan fried sage leaves are AMAZING and add a wonderful crunch to pureed soups.

For the carrot, broccoli, & corn- Again, I lined the bottom of the pie shell with a wee bit of grated cheddar then added a mixture of beaten eggs and milk combined with cheese and the lightly steamed veg… the carrots were diced, broccoli not too large, and corn cut fresh off the cob. I sprinkled a wee bit of extra cheese and next lay whole baby carrots atop, one per slice.
Five eggs per quiche (a mix of duck and chicken eggs) was perfect and about 1 cup of milk or so. The pumpkin quiche was a deep dish made in a springform pan and the pumpkin puree added the extra volume needed. There are about 150 grams of cheese per quiche and I eyed the veg quantities. Salt and pepper as desired. Using a garlic press, I added several cloves to each egg/milk mixture.
So there it is, my method for making quiche.  Ingredients vary but the basics remain the same- fresh is best, prep is important, and, if you ever intend to share or duplicate, write down quantities and step-by-step as you go along (oops, next time for sure!).
Sending lots and lots of baking love from my kitchen to yours,
Melissa Xx


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