“If you don’t build your own dream, someone will hire you to build theirs”


Before shot #2

september-2016-before-shotThe above picture is an update on my Sept 22nd Instagram ‘before shot’ (left) that I thought some of you here might like to follow the progress of.  We’re determined to move leaps and bounds this autumn and winter towards our goal of making a business out of our gardens, therefore fulfilling our dream of working together full time and no longer working out of the home for other people.

Johnny has been doing the back breaking work of lifting, sifting, & shifting soil for a new path. There are lots of stones to break up, move, and then refill after weed suppressing plastic has been laid down. It’ll then be topped off with stone chippings. This is a must when gardening atop so much stone and when soil is in short supply.

Check out the new bed he built along the left wall…for flowers me thinks 🌷🌼🌹 🌻 There are two established mint beds already along the wall and two more varieties to go in. Mint spreads so much we’ve decided to dedicate this space to it and keep the different types separated by flowers and a bench seat which will give another angle to chill out and view the front garden, our tree, and the house from.  

As you can see from where our front gate is in the upper left corner, we’re situated just below the main road, in a valley of sorts, and every visitor to the island passes by our homefarm.  They stop by our gate and the walls aside it to take pictures.  Often they stand on the walls, they yell down with questions and comments, and just stop and gaze. Some are even bold enough to walk on down for a closer look.  We would love to allow them to come down to take a self-guided walking through each of the fields and gardens, inside the tunnel, to visit the animals.  Many other ideas have grown from this one thought– once on our homefarm, what else can we offer them?  I’ll continue to share our ideas as I share more of our progress.  Feel free to share any ideas you have or have seen somewhere elsewhere.  Teamwork makes the dream work!!

Cheers, Melissa Xx


  1. Viv says:

    I’m hit or miss with FB these days, and I’ve an item on my to do list titled, “Read Melissa’s posts!”
    Live your mind, ideas, and energy and wish we were neighbors. I want to be your marketer, assistant event planner, well…okay…mother or sister! Ha! Have you considered a vineyard?
    Ha! 🍷

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  2. Wow! It will be fabulous! My first thought is a small Farm Shop selling some of the produce from home and garden. Your colourful, cushions,bags and back packs spring to mind. A box for donations and every so often family concerts for visitors to enjoy while they look round. A book of your life and progress (the blog printed as a book maybe?). Good luck!

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    • Wouldn’t I love to sell some of my items to tourists and islanders too! I’ve thought about donations for garden tours…must look into legal side of that. Many thanks again-you’ve given me so many great ideas already this week!!

      Maybe a kefir recipe book, and classes teaching the basics? So many thoughts on a cookbook…


  3. Catherine Hinchy says:

    Melissa what about a tour of the garden and a tea room? I am sure you would get a lot of visitors .Every time we pass your house on the bus we would love stop And have a look at the garden it looks so pretty

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    • I’m so happy to hear others with similar ideas to ours, very encouraging! I have dreamed of a tea garden in our back field, using the herbs, fruit, etc in hot and fermented tea/kombucha. Sharing our gardens through tours would be a dream come true…it would be great if others were inspired to grow something of their own after visiting!

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    • Thank you, thank you!! You mention mint and we do sell a bit of it, also great for teas of course. I like the idea of specializing in something, being known for it, doing a few great things rather than give little of our energy to lots of things. Of course, we’ll always grow for our family’s needs, but even there we have learned to grow just what we eat and only as much as we need. Pumpkins was another item we thought we might try to market on. Halloween is becoming a several day event here, reviving the old traditions is happening. Thinking we could become part of the festivities…so many possibilities! All ideas welcome 😀


  4. Brenda says:

    How exciting Melissa. There are so many possibilities of things you could sell and do, depending on the sort of people you expect to attract. You could sell vegetables, flowers, and plants to those more local and small, easily transportable things (Aran Islandish, of course) for day-tripping tourists. Having food and drink would be lovely, too, if not too much of a hassle. In any case, whatever you do, I’m sure you will do it with thought and style.

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  5. aj vosse says:

    I love that… and as you build your dream I’m in the process of taking the first steps in the direction of my dream. The move is that first step! Still to rented accommodation but there’s a reason to move down toward the coast… a bit of ground I’ve spotted… a bit of ground with promise…
    You keep building your dream and sharing the vision… I’ll keep drawing inspiration!! THANKS!! 😉



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