The Mysterious Angle


What is the mysterious angle of the above photo?  I’ll give you a hint…the next photograph is of the same thing.


And just because it’s cool, the following photograph is a view of our village taken from the same spot.

October 2016 school pumpkin collection 2 (470).jpg

The mysterious angle photograph was taken from atop the steep breakwater (2nd picture) with the camera on panoramic… sea to the left and lake to the right.  The mysterious angle photograph also works perfectly for this weeks photo word of the week, ‘mystery‘.

You must go and check out my friend Sandra’s ‘mystery‘ post.  Just incredible!!

Cheers, Melissa


    • First thing my dad said on his first visit here, ‘Where are all the trees?’ It’s something to miss for sure coming from the Pine Tree State and all 🙂 We are blessed to have a grand sycamore in our front garden, and the night sky, sunsets, and sunrises are spectacular!

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    • Yes, I took several pictures of a crane that let me get surprisingly close to it…it was a mystery for sure why it didn’t fly away! I made sure that it was not stuck in one spot, watched it move about ten feet or so then let it be. None of the pics came out very great…not enough contrast in backdrop me thinks. There are so many different birds calling the lake home and probably other creatures as well. Wish i had the time to investigate further but that project follows my documenting all the different types of ferns on the island. Both projects for retirement me thinks!

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