Between the Bustling and the Ambling

Around the equinox, both the daytime and nighttime are of the same length and, depending upon where you are, darkness starts to happen earlier and earlier and the temperature begins to drop.

One of the first things I like doing to mark the seasonal transition is to replace the wreath on the front of our house.  My autumn bird feeder wreath was created as an expression of my appreciation for the harvest, for our family and home life, for all the good things around us.  I like it to be natural and organic and to offer a bit of sustenance to the songbirds.  Since taking these photographs, I added in some seeded ivy, cabbage, and kale.  I plump it up twice in the season as bits begin to wilt, fade, and get eaten.

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Once the autumn equinox passes near the end of September and the buzzing activity of summer mellows, we get to gear down a little bit and relax into the more evenly paced, more predictable, and oh so comfortable rhythm of fall.


autumn equinox sunrise 2016


autumn equinox sunset 2016

Surely it’s no coincidence how the seasons give us something we need just as we need it and how each prepares us for the next.  We keep track of time by them, plan our calendar around them and anticipate the changes they bring.

While we’re busy filling the pantry and freezer for the winter ahead, the seasonal chore of deciding what’s our focus for the upcoming year offers the chance to restore balance; time to slow down, contemplate, reflect, plan, and prepare.  And not a moment too soon!

All my ‘autumn’ photos are my offering for this week’s photo challenge.

I hope everyone’s enjoying the seasonal transition from the bustling summer past to the ambling winter’s rest ahead.

Season’s blessings, Melissa Xx


  1. susurrus says:

    I love your wreath. It looks so pretty against the white wall between the window boxes and the detail shots show so many beautiful touches. I bet you could have taken many more close ups and each one would have been interesting – different but complementary. I always think of autumn as my favourite season, which is weird as I like flowers so much, but it’s good to in a climate where each season is so different.

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  2. Paula Hendrickson says:

    I am having the same kind of thoughts of you, Melissa. Your energies go toward so many tasks in keeping your family and home, and yet you always take time for grateful reflections and observations. This wonderfully natural wreath is an autumn accent that nourishes, beautifies, and reflects the lovely and positive attitude you have toward life. And I’m wishing myself there again to soak in an Aran sunrise and sunset.

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    • I’m thinking it is because of my family and home that I’m alerted to appreciate all I have and to reflect and share. Though, sometimes I wonder why I share such private things, why I have this blog and fb page, why I tweet so much of daily life. Normally I would be a very private person. It also consumes so much time. It’s just something I wonder about now and then. And then I get messages like yours and the others and I am full up again, all doubt vanishes. Thanks for all your genuine interest and always heartfelt correspondences with me. Xx


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