An Island of Infinite Quiddity

It’s crazy o’clock in the morning and I’m enjoying the peace and quiet that’s filling the house right now. I should be tired but I’m not. I’ll surely regret being up so late when it’s time to rise and shine in a few wee hours from now.

As much pleasure as my holiday to America brought me, many days I caught my mind wafting away to my life here in Ireland. I couldn’t help but to be tugged back to all that fills me up here. This is where the most vital parts of my life experience are and that’s why I haven’t gone back for seven years; it’s not that I didn’t want to go, I simply haven’t wanted to leave. Johnny would probably find this funny, in the interesting, not ha-ha, sort of way, as I went many days without contacting home at all. But, though high priority, it wasn’t him or the children or the animals or the gardens that I was longing for. It was the island, or rather the island’s infinite quiddity– that which fills me up, tempts my curiosities and allows freedom to indulge in my wildest hairs like I haven’t experienced since childhood. All this while at the same time feeling completely grounded and centred. Often times I tell folks that the island reminds me of my own childhood, back a generation, exploring nature, knowing most everyone most everywhere I go. I doubt that’s my perception exclusively. Many, many people speak of this seemingly magical allure that the island has. It’s not the life for everyone but, thankfully, it’s the life for me.

Other than unpacking and settling in, I’ve been working zealously in the craft room and the kitchen, but that’s all for another day’s writing. Apologies for not answering mail and messages…there’s only so much time that I can sit in front of the computer without getting fidgety and abandoning it.

I hope all have been well and, please God, you’re all in your happy place too!

With love, Melissa Xx



  1. It is lovely to have you back Melissa. I had to look up ‘Quiddity’, I’ve learnt a new word. I often learn a thing or two from your posts. How wonderful to be in a place that ‘fits skin tight over your soul’. Thank you for sharing your joy and adventures in island life with us. ❤

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  2. Anonymous says:

    Beautiful words and sentiments. We are all searching for something. You found it on an island. I found it in Ireland. I haven’t been back either yet. Because the search continues. the nyah is my quiddity. Lovely to wake up to this morning. Bob x

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    • I think you are right Bob about us all searching for something. How fortunate that we’ve found it, and both of us so far from our homelands but so near to one another. Sorry, but I don’t know what nyah means and google is not helping me!? Please explain, I am so curious now 🙂

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  3. Brenda says:

    Quiddity is a new word for me. I think I’ll keep it. Funny, but Maine has the same effect on me that your island has on you. I feel transported back to childhood. In any case, it’s wonderful to love your home in that way.

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    • It’s not a word I’ve ever said out loud. Someone from my past used it and it stuck. Not as pretty as what it represents and I like that for some reason.

      Gosh, I just love hearing that Maine has captured your heart and soul; that’s evident in the glorious photos you post. It’s such a special place and has so many outstanding qualities. I always felt very fortunate to grow up there. The only state bordered by only one other state, and then there is the amazing sea! What an upbringing I had there. I did have dreams of living on an island though, of it being an island, but then I would have missed the spectacular White Mountains of New Hampshire and I couldn’t have asked for better neighbours then them.

      Enjoy Thanksgiving and the long weekend. Say hello to the snow for me…it arrived just as I was departing 😉

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  4. Our paths really did cross this time, yes? I was on my way to Ireland as you were coming here to my home state of Maine. As I may have told you, I don’t travel away from my dear homeplace other than to Ireland. My grandparents were born there. But I do know exactly what you are referring to. I love Ireland, it feels familiar, and I have developed great relationships with many people who call it home. But home is home, and for me that is Maine. It is the right place for me, for all the reasons I need in my life. Aren’t we so very fortunate to know all of this?….to feel a sense of place so strongly, Glad to hear your trip went well, that family was visited, and that you are now back to your good and precious life. Happy days to you, my friend.

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