The Wonderful Warmth of Winter

No more children sitting on their feet and no more cold bottoms because I finally made padded covers for the metal stools that surround the island in our kitchen. It seems noteworthy to tell you that we’ve nicknamed this seating area Inis Meáin, which translates tothe middle island’, and is the same name as our island neighbor here in the Aran Islands.

Most meals are eaten here in the kitchen. The dining room table is a hub for crafting, game playing, Lego and sorting clean laundry. As the chalkboard sign in the upper left corner so well documents, it was our 163rd monthiversary, ♥ 163 months married ♥, it was the 24th of November.


Mixing & matching fabrics from my abundant stash. I swear nothing new was purchased in the making of these!!


Making homemade piping


The unabating mild days and warmish weather have made this a wonderful winter so far. A lot more sunshine would be nice, but that just makes our new homemade stool covers all the more welcome. From the feeling of being wrapped in apricity, to the colour and texture they add to the room, they are an all around breath of fresh air for this space.

chalkboard Irish blessing.png

Cheers to another day, another blessing!

Melissa Xx


      • Murtagh's Meadow says:

        Work and other commitments are keeping me indoors but looking forward to a break at Christmas Melissa, and hopefully more outside time. Keep breathing that lovely fresh sea air of yours!

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    • No squabbles, we sit wherever is available, Johnny and I always on the ends for convenience as we are inevitably up and down the most throughout the meal. Some seats suit others better than another, mostly due to their height but, for the most part, they each work for anyone.


  1. great job! Isn’t it great for you to be home crafting….and above all with that cherished family of yours? Waiting for snow here at the end of the weekend, getting rather cold now, Nice to think you are getting some warmer temperatures there. Enjoy! Happy Holidays to you , Melissa!

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    • We had a table at the island craft fair, last evening and raised €400 for Galway Simon towards helping homeless. That was some great arts and crafting family time. I’ve been thinking of you in the thick of winter now and admit to missing it a bit. We’ve had a very calm and mild winter here thus far so can’t complain, though I do miss the fresh snowfall feeling in the air; a real gift to all the senses. Just indescribable!! Happiest of holidays to you and all on your homefarm and in your hearts. Melissa Xx



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