Creative Support For The Homeless

As mentioned in my last post, our family rented a table at this year’s Inis Mor Craft Fair where we sold our homemade crafts with the intention of donating all money raised to Galway Simon to show support for their work to end homelessness in our neighbouring mainland community. Here are some photos of our creations and the day itself.

Homemade fire lighters made from dried ferns, toilet paper rolls, natural raffia ribbon, all dipped in candle wax. They really work a treat.

 Just a few of the wreaths. The children were very creative by using yarn; I got a few new ideas from them.

Decorations, food, and fun!

All the preparations are done and the big day arrives…

A mighty thanks to everyone for their encouragement, kindness and generosity. With an aim of raising €250 for Galway Simon Community at the Aonach na Nollaig/ Christmas Craft Fair, we are jubilant to tell that we sold absolutely everything we made and raised just over €400!

It was a brilliant family experience from the making of our crafts right through to exchanging them for good homes throughout our island community. A huge and heartfelt thanks to all! Xx


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  2. Brenda says:

    I somehow missed this when you posted it and am now reading it thanks to Laurie’s post. What a fantastic way to celebrate the holidays and–sheesh–I’d like to hang out with your kids! I could learn a thing or two.



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