It’s Entirely Up To You

With five children under the age of 12, superheroes are alive and active in my home and there’s no shortage of doubtless belief in their own abilities to achieve anything.

This amazing self-confidence is not strictly limited to moments of accomplishing great feats through imaginary powers while engaging in battles that aren’t real. My children, for the most part, exude extraordinary happiness. They know how to make chores not seem like work at all but rather games or fun challenges.

I could observe them forever- admittedly sometimes from another room when I insist that they either quiet down or take it elsewhere- and I’m taken back to when I too was fearless, daring, mighty, incredibly trusting and curious about everything. I wouldn’t mind feeling that way again.

Of course, there’s a difference between an adult being childlike and being childish. Childlike behaviour is not immature while childish is. It can be a hard balance to maintain as an adult; to think of oneself first without seeming selfish, to live out loud without seeming a nutter, to speak your mind without coming across as rude, having no filter, or being over assertive. But it is entirely possible to be that person again, to live life not with the purpose of always being productive and living off a list, not being overly concerned about money and reputation, but rather to live without these mental limits and instead in the moment more often than not.

I write this with a huge sense of relief for having made an overdue decision after months of worrying how others would be affected, disregarding my own needs and gut instinct.

I have a loving and supportive husband. I have adorable and caring children. I have kind and understanding friends and family. But no one is going to take care of me better than me (my mantra all these months despite my paralysis). It is, was, and will always be entirely up to me.

So I let go of my fear (truth-I did it afraid), dusted off my imaginary cape, took a leap of faith,Β and have been soaring ever since. It’s not so surprising that I feel uplifted since I took back my power and used it responsibly to do what I knew was right. Although not a resolution, it was a most brilliant way to start off the new year and I feel super!

“Life doesn’t give us purpose. We give life purpose.” — The Flash

What makes you feelΒ Superpowerful?


  1. Gosh – how well you write of the mother’s dilemna. I am of course intrigued to know more, but perhaps we will see clues in the months to come. I read a quote this morning by Tom Stoppard “Happiness is equilibrium, shift your weight.”
    Full of admiration as always! ❀

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  2. Wise words to hear and follow! I think we can be all that we need to be for others and still take care of ourselves. And, if you’re living amongst a house full of superheroes…join in!
    Happy New Year Melissa…to you and your family!

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  3. Vivienne says:

    Having looked death in the eye on October, I can only testify to your wisdom and my pride in you for your courage to take that leap of faith-to fly! You will never regret following your heart’s desire. And you’ll never go wrong. My leap was coming out to Aran for six weeks last summer. Unbeknownst to me ,then, but a recognized truth now, was that those days might’ve been my reason for survival. I found my inner strength. My superpower!
    And the lessons and love from islanders are informing these days of healing in ways I’d’ve never imagined. So, I’m trying to say that when we know in our hearts that something is right, don’t let the opinions of others stop us. Even though we mightn’t understand it at the time, our instincts will not let us down and the reward may come to fullness later down the road of life. You’ve my wholehearted support and best wishes wherever that precious heart takes you! Ready! Set! Go!

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    • I thought about that trip many times during your recovery, so grateful that you made the decision and just did it. Seeing you take control and follow a dream was inspiring to me in this decision of mine, more than you know or that I’ll write about here. From the bottom of my heart, thank you Vivienne!


      • Vivienne says:

        Oh, my, darling. I hope, in my heart of hearts, that you will experience the things I discovered. And more. The truths that are there for all of us if we only believe in ourselves. you truly amaze me and talk about INSPIRING! You’re that to me. Why can’t we just sit and talk and talk and talk? I’m so hopeful for you. So much more I want to say……


  4. Very well done, Melissa πŸ™‚
    Don’t ever bother, what others are thinking about your way of being and living, it is your life and only you know, what is best for you and yours.
    Souls, who try to interrupt this, are often living a very boring life, otherwise they would not have time to try to live yours too.
    When we do our best to live in the moment, fear has no place to stay any longer, and I feel sure, that you will be an even better teacher for your kids this way. A happy Mommy is the best ever, as can happen for kids. When her mood is good, she is much more fun to be together with.
    All good luck to you and yours in this new year, dear friend.

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  5. Elizabeth says:

    Dear Melissa, you know that you are a superwoman for me with all you do. And a superwoman needs care and respect from the others but mainly from herself. I’m happy that you decided (whatever it was) based own your needs. Hugs and love your way!

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  6. Brenda says:

    Balance, balance, balance. That’s the key, isn’t it? And we must always adjust our wants and needs to our responsibilities. Finding the right adjustment is a fine art and one that requires continual fine-tuning. Now that I am older and my responsibilities have diminished, I find that child-like freedom is much more accessible. An advantage to aging, if you are willing to take the leap. As far as your leap goes, I hope you aren’t deserting your husband and children for a nunnery. Hmmm. I’m thinking something less extreme. Whatever you have been contemplating, no need to be a superhero, Melissa, just be you.

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  7. I always love seeing how you handle life with five kids. We had five also, yours, mine, and ours. I love the way you tackle life. I sent the Heart Stone Chronicles to your Yahoo email. Let me know if you got it. Many hugs to you and the family. ❀

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