An Awkward Rescue

When asked what type of goats we keep we answer as best we know by saying ‘island goats’. They’re wild and hardy and prefer to roam the day in whichever large field they’re currently stone wall fenced into. Whatever the weather, they sleep outside under the evening sky with their herd of a half dozen or so. While they’re far from constrained, there’s a tendency for them to go through periods of rebellion where day after day for a week or so Johnny spends hours searching for which direction they’ve headed off to explore. It’s often not as easy to find them as one might think, especially if they decide to lie down and take a nap under a high wall. The children and I have helped their dad look plenty of times and there’s no doubt we’ve walked right past them on more than one occasion.

On this day, a month old kid had gone missing. After a second search within the same day, Johnny found him at last. Having fallen four feet down between a narrow crack in the stones, the goat was a huge challenge to rescue. What else would Johnny do but try and try again until at last successfully looping a noose around his neck and lifting him to safety? As if he would have been able to focus on anything other than helping save Hop’s life. Wild they may be, but they’re each named and cared for as best as possible.


A very scared baby Hop and an awkward rescue for Johnny.

No doubt, Hop learned a valuable lesson about keeping an eye on where he’s bouncing about in his playfulness. Considering that these cracks are a common part of their terrain, it’s a wonder that this doesn’t happen more often. Gratefully, it’s a rare occurrence though.

Taking part in in the One A Week Photo Challenge with my ‘awkward’photograph. Next week’s word is ‘gate’. Have an idea? Join in!

Cheers, Melissa Xx


  1. Oh my, thank goodness your little goat was found and rescued. I wonder how many island goats fall into the cracks of those rocks!! Goats are so athletic, yet sort of fearless in nature, yes? A bit bold as well, I think! No wonder they fall into the cracks on occasion and thank goodness their human tribe goes looking for them! hurray! Are you milking the adult mums now? We miss having our Jersey, I even miss milking, but not enough milk drinkers here on the farm at the moment to warrant the gallons we’d end up with. By the way, slight chance I’ll be over in February, I’ll keep you posted. best all…

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    • It’s not unusual to find the skulls and various other bones of goats in the ‘wild’. It seems that they do have a fearless nature with what they get themselves up to, We’re not milking just yet, not for a couple more months I’d say, but Johnny knows best. That would be just great if you managed a trip over next month. Come celebrate Irish spring with us!


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