H5N8, Because Numbers Are Great In A Title But Bird Flu Virus Is Not

Day twelve and last night’s rain has made the chicken run very muddy. We locked both the chickens and ducks in on January 13 after Ireland’s second case of bird flu was confirmed in Galway.


“H5N8 is the cause of recent outbreaks of bird flu in the UK and across continental Europe and is highly contagious among birds although it poses a low risk to humans”ย from an online RTE news report.

The law regarding free range backyard poultry keeping is that all birds in premises located within 3km of an infected bird would be required, by law, to be kept indoors. So we don’t have to keep them contained, we just aren’t sure that they’re not at risk if we don’t. Continual reassessment and watching how the flu progresses is what we’re doing. If you’d like to have ‘All your questions answered on ‘Bird Flu’‘ then here’sย somewhere to start.

I’ll update on the state of the flu, as well as the state of the poultry run.

Melissa Xx



  1. Best of luck keeping your flock safe and healthy! Best to err on the side of caution. Are there many on the island with flocks? It does feel unsettling when the components of our homesteading efforts, our systems…..chicken flocks, garden plots, or even kombucha SCOBY feel threatened. Certainly, an experience all farmers have brushed up against. Life’s uncertainty can trickle down to impact even our basic efforts. I think your chickens will be fine, but doesn’t it make us anxious? Put us on high alert? I know this feeling too within our own farm/nursery……the tomato blight, barber pole worm ( sheep), hornworms….you get the picture. This is all not meant to spread doom and gloom, just pointing out how all systems can risk occasional threats and we do our best ( as you all do so carefully and lovingly) to protect and nurture those systems. Your family is so thoughtful tending to all aspects of that wonderful and precious life you live…..all will be quite fine, I’m sure!

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