Happy St. Brigid’s Day 2017


It’s a beautiful first day of spring here on the island and we put the St. Brigid’s cross up on the house first thing this morning. The children are more wrapped up than usual as they head off for school because we had just returned from a wee trek to collect the bundle of reeds that Nuala is holding; they’ll be used at school to make crosses of their own.

The first day of spring here in Ireland falls about halfway between the winter solstice and the spring equinox.  One of the traditional ways of celebrating is by making a St. Brigid’s cross which is ‘placed on doorways to ward off evil, fire, and hunger from homes’. It’s also called the Feast of Imbolc, an ancient Irish celebration of the change of seasons from the short, dark winter days to the longer and brighter days of spring.

Here’s a link to a post I did a year ago that shows step by step how to make your own St. Brigid’s cross. It also has links to more information about St. Brigid’s Day, the meaning of the cross, and the Feast of Imbolc. https://thearanartisan.com/2016/03/15/spring-willow-project/

Joining in with the ‘One a Week Photo Challenge‘, word ‘happy’ and with Ronovan Writes haiku challenge, words ‘please & blow’.

please wrap yourself up

on this first day of springtime

the wind is blowing

Getting up early and taking a walk with the children was an amazing way to start the day and has me thinking we ought to do it more often. I’m wondering though if the adventurous feeling to it would soon wear off? Perhaps it was just the novelty that made everyone so happy and they would be less excited to do it regularly. I suppose there’s only one way to find out.


  1. Laurie Graves says:

    Such bright faces! What a joy to see. Funny to think of you celebrating spring while it snows in central Maine. (And a lovely, fine little snow it is!) May Brigid’s cross protect you and your family!

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    • Thanks Denis 🙂 It honestly wasn’t as chilly as I made them dress for but they humoured me. They were pretty happy with the walk and all. Long may it last that they’re eager to spend time with their ole mum.


    • Most of my children will take to the trails for any reason whatsoever, but one of my sons would be of similar mind to your daughter, has to have a purpose of personal interest to himself. Very self-contained, he never worries about missing out on something.

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      • Roz Hill says:

        Hi there! I’ve missed you too, been away from blogland. I still pop on my reader and do a catch up, I am not sure if I am doing less or more of other stuff! Family, crafting and building glamping site mostly. I am now trying to swim 3 times a week and that takes up more time too!! We are slowing down too, we are fine but more aches and pains. Lol .

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        • You have so many wonderful things keeping you busy. It can be a hard balance to manage sitting in front of the computer time with everything else but I think your priorities are awesome and you sound so very happy. I love the work you two are doing; such a great team!! ❤

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  3. I love this tradition. Thanks for sharing the link for making my own St. Brigid’s cross. I’m going to try it. A brisk walk first thing in the morning is a great idea and it can’t hurt. Loved the haiku! 🙂



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