Life is Lovely

It won’t be long and the evening ferry will be arriving back to the island in daylight; for now, the artificial lights guide us into port. It’s hardly what I would describe as a romantic site. Picturesque, definitely. I’ve even thought it idyllic, but, other than the first time I visited fifteen years ago, not romantic. Johnny waiting for me on the pier is a scene we’ve shared a hundred or more times, but tonight I felt a little starry-eyed. It had me thinking later how I’ve probably been taking this gesture for granted. He’s always there, always. It felt so good, I’ll never again view my arrival back home as unromantic or fail to see the gesture of love he’s showing me.


While I’m gushing on (it is the celebratory day of love ❤ ) I want to share a comment received last week that made me feel especially warm and fuzzy about writing and blogging, and towards everyone here who does the same- writes from the heart for the love of writing, appreciating connections made with their readers.

“Just to say I read you off and on, not a real follower though I “follow” you, and that I really enjoy the way you write about your life and the things you do, the everyday things that are so different from what I do and yet I connect with the art of doing life. You live in a beautiful part of the world. Be blessed always.”

My family & I appreciate with all our hearts each and every remark, opinion, and reflection that is shared here on our blog. Some of us share similar lives and many live very differently than we do. Either way, what we all have in common is the doing of life, and while it’s not always romantic, it’s certainly worth appreciating and occasionally even celebrating.

Joining in the one a week photo challenge, my interpretation of this week’s word ‘artificial.’ Thanks Sandra and Cathy!

With love, Melissa Xx


  1. Vivienne says:

    I agree! No artificial light from you. Pure authenticity! And the comment you received expresses, beautifully, who you are to us and the gift if your sharing and connecting us with your home and its inhabitants.
    I completely understand the simple act of Johnny’s presence for you at the pier. My Johnny is named David. Same heart.
    My valentine card to him said, simply,

    “You butter my biscuit.”

    And rather than a red heart, there was a square pat of yellow.
    As you know, on Oct 22, I arrived in a strange country. The journey was arduous and very near fatal. But, I miraculously survived the ruptured aneurysm, with no deficits. I have been slowly working my way back to the familiar things of me!
    After my time in hospital, and rehabilitation, I came home to the most doting servant.
    Every morning, when brewing coffee, David takes, from the freezer, one sweet potato biscuit.
    (Mind you, were southerners, so a biscuit isn’t a cookie here! You know!)
    Because I now ease into the morning, he brings my coffee and that one buttered biscuit to my bed.
    He owns his own business, but no matter what, I can rely on that golden gift of each new morning.
    It’s like traveling to a strange island and someone waiting there on the pier. And then faithfully waiting all the other days, too.
    My favorite song, fir years, is “Love changes everything.”
    It changes people and circumstances. Makes strange places in life, a little less lonely!
    Thank you for sharing your home and your family. You make us all feel at home with you!

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    • Vivienne,
      Aww, he is such a romantic. I love the simple but personal and creative gesture. ‘You butter my biscuit’; very clever and sweet!
      The first thing I did was google the song. So much truth to the lyrics. David sounds so much like Johnny. My goodness, we are so blessed. It’s easy enough to become distracted and forget that sometimes!
      And what a blessing your friendship is. I so regret we didn’t get more time together when you were over. Did I tell you I left the Hotel? It was so good to me, great coworkers and I learned so much. But the hours, oh the hours! I just don’t want to work until the wee hours of the morning anymore. So I gave my notice after the new year and have felt a weight lifted since. I’ll work a few nights for a few hours each at another restaurant, but, not being a hotel, I won’t work past 10 or 11. The children and Johnny are as delighted as I am. I understand all is as it’s meant to be, but still will add, if only I were on this schedule when you were over!!
      It’s funny how showing appreciation for something came back to me receiving appreciation. her comment, yours, and all the others has really lifted me up! Thank you so much Vivienne.
      Stay on that healing path, give big hugs to yourself and your man and I look forward to talking again soon.
      Lots of love,


  2. gaiainaction says:

    How beautiful and authentic your words and thoughts Melissa, they have touched my heart too and will perhaps in future make me a better person in the sense of taking notice when others pay me a compliment or tell me they enjoy something about me. Something that I always play down. But in this world a kind word of appreciation from others can be very valuable. Thank you for sharing your life with us all.

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  3. Laurie Graves says:

    Yes, oh so lovely! Such a tender image of your husband waiting for you. And, so many ways to live a creative life. That is the unifying thread of all the blogs I follow.

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  4. Singledust says:

    there’s a timeless beauty in unspoken love – like the repeated mundane actions that act as time capsules of our day – waiting is one of them – together with silent observation and unhindered listening. thank you for such lovely writing as lyrical as the magical place you live in.

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  5. What a beautiful post, Melissa 🙂
    I feel sure, that your family do appreciate, that you choose them to the late jobs, no matter you also need to find solutions for the economy.
    Sometimes it can be difficult to see the love, here you just saw it perfect 🙂

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  7. What a beautiful post. So apt for Valentines Day too. I know exactly what you mean about connecting with people who read your blog posts. It doesn’t matter how regularly people clock in and have a look at my blog, if what I write resonates with just one other person, my work is done. Comments like that make blogging so worthwhile 😊

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