Curlicue, I Love You

DSC_0304 (4).JPG

I’m not sure if my new snail is an early Mother’s Day gift or a just-because gift and it really doesn’t matter either way. I received this new piece of garden art from the heart and hands of Margaret Maeve last Friday. The opposite side is painted  ‘To: Mom ‘ and she made it in metal work class at school. How lucky am I?!

This is my ‘spiral‘ photograph for the weekly challenge hosted by Sandra and Cathy. Thanks for the inspiration ladies, and thank you for the one of a kind and made with love present Margaret Maeve. Xx


  1. sailimo says:

    Wow. What a great present to get… are so lucky with this talented daughter! It’s beautiful! And lucky also they do metalwork in school! Obviously no gender discrimination in craft-teaching as it was in my schooldays. I remember it well: girls had to walk through the exciting inviting room with workbenches and interesting tools…….for the boys, to arrive in a little classroom where we were taught knitting and sewing and so on. Hated it at the time! If only we were encouraged to make a piece of art like M.M. ! Well done!

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