On Getting Your Hands Dirty: Keeping a Record

Swiss chard 2Time to hug last year’s Swiss chard goodbye and say slán to our edible rainbow. Their replacements won’t be ready to eat for another month but these guys bolted over a month ago and have also outgrown their beds here in the garden. First I picked another couple meals for us and what remains is being enjoyed by the chickens.

Next, we’ll feed the soil they’ve been occupying and plant something new. Perhaps courgette or celery or edible flowers, and we’ll rotate Swiss chard to new locations in the garden.

Crop rotation is important to prevent problems occurring with pests and diseases. Either a commitment to record-keeping or a very good memory is valuable here. I suggest writing it down. Write most garden information down. Isn’t there enough stuff and things taking up space in that head of yours already?!


  1. Murtagh's Meadow says:

    I have a little garden notebook. Some years all that goes into it is a drawing of the beds and what I plan to grow in each one. Not that I stick to the plan all the time,but I try and have a three year rotation 🙂

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  2. Brenda says:

    That is some enormous chard! I’m with you on keeping records. I tend to remember approximately where I planted things last year, but it quickly becomes a memory muddle. Happy gardening.


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