On Awards and Expressing Appreciation

I received an award

How good is the feeling 
of having work 
acknowledged by 
a fellow writer- 
a lover of words 
an avid reader
a word weaver, 
seeing the potential in
letters and symbols and pictures, 
producing perfectly pleasing or 
just so-so appealing 
randomness of daily existence, 
worldly reaching
smile provoking,
inciting memories  
and thoughts 
and text
not all
 of our own conception.


30th April 2015–I appreciate the below listed awards and after being selected for the ‘Sisterhood of the World Blogger’s Award’ this week I had to seriously consider if I should accept any more.  I will not. Though having every intention of doing so, I have never followed through with the criteria that comes with accepting such awards.  Despite my feeling that there are many fellow writers that I’m a devoted reader of whom deserve the accolades, I am not comfortable forwarding these awards with all the many strings attached.   I express my thoughts of appreciation through my many comments.  That is where I most enjoy sharing these feelings with others and that is what I shall continue to do.  With sincere appreciation, Melissa Xx

2nd April 2015–One of the most positive and encouraging bloggers, Rosalyn from Mission to Mars has honored me with another versatile blogger award.   She has a magical way with words, ‘No dream can be entitled to be a small dream and the other being a big dream. Similarly, we can’t say dream this and not that. Dreams are what brings newness to life and keeps one happy and active. So for me, this name is saying- “efforts ( Mission) to make dreams (Mars) come true.”  Thank you Rosalyn Xx

versatile-blogger (1)

3rd March 2015–What a lovely surprise in my notifications box this morning…Quiet Owl Farm has nominated me for two special awards.  I am beyond honored to receive them both from a source of such gentle, bunny-loving inspiration….

‘Rosie is just a gal with big dreams of a small farm. She sure loves animals, gardens, and flowers and hopes to make them all a part of her daily life (and she likes lots of other things, like books and music and languages too).’

inspiring blogger


1st February 2015–A big shout out to Murtagh’s Meadow for honoring me with Leibster Award.  There is a short window for receiving this one (less than 200 followers) so I am happy to be recognized.


15th January 2015–Thank you Andrea at The Healthy Secret Identity for gifting me the Versatile Blogger Award.  Super healthy, she is a real inspiration with her videos and yoga series.  In her own words, ‘Looking for a light-hearted and uplifting site to sit back, relax, and enjoy a cup of coffee/tea? Well, look around no more, I’m glad you found me!’  Go on and give her a visit.




1st January 2015–Thank you Small Spaces and the good life with Roz and Phil Hill for the Premio Dardos Award.  I just love this couple.  They have a most interesting story…after living on a boat for many years, they now have an amazing garden and are living completely off grid–living a life many people aspire to.  Roz does the writing, but Phil makes plenty of appearances.  Go on and check them out.

This is awesome!


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