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Our Jolly Holly Christmas Tree

20141208_105418 (5)

I believe we all know the feeling of when something is not quite right.  The feeling grows and grows until you decide assertively (sometimes in a matter of seconds) that “No, this just won’t do.”   Continue reading

Sometimes the wrong choices bring us to the right places.

With supervised points of entry that are only accessible by plane or ferry, the island would be correctly defined as a closed community.  Even though we welcome hundreds of people a day to visit, there’s definitely a familial recognition amongst residents and a sense of security that comes along with that. Continue reading

Pride of Place


A wonderful place for children

It is often said how fortunate an upbringing the children of the island have and I wholeheartedly agree with this sentiment.  I grew up in a small community, but there is something about island living that makes it much more unique an experience than that of my own. Continue reading

Meditation Experience Week 1

It’s day twelve of the ‘Oprah & Deepak 21 day Meditation Experience’.  I have only done the first nine days so far; each daily meditation is available for five days total–the day it is released plus four extra days thereafter.  It is nice to have that flexibility, though I am not pressured or worried.  In the end if I happen to have missed out on any days, then so be it.

The theme of the series is ‘Manifesting True Success’.  The practice opens by impressing the thought that we ‘create success from within’ and Deepak suggests that we choose a worthy goal to focus on.  I feel most successful when creatively expressing myself through sharing and teaching others, typically skills that will enable them to make something that benefits their overall joy and well being.  So that was what I chose to focus on during these meditations.

Continue reading

Love In Ten Sentences

octopus hugs2

I have been given a mission by Rosalyn from Mission to Mars, to write my impressions taken from the title ‘Love in Ten Sentences’ with ‘an axiom of using four words in each sentence and each sentence to include the word “love”.  And conclude your writing with a favorite quote on love.’

There was nothing stated about passing this on, but I encourage anyone to do so if your interest is aroused.  It is a love-ly idea and always nice to think and write about such a wonderful topic. So here are some of my serious and silly thoughts on love…

Love you first always.

Octopuses love giving hugs.

Visceral love is mesmerizing.

Eyes are love’s mind.

Unicorns love chasing flutterbyes.

Forgiveness, elixir of love.

Inner love, outer peace.

Roadrunner loves outsmarting coyote.

Souls are love’s lips;

The heart–love’s ears.

You yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe, deserve your love and affection.” Buddha

March 6–Sandra at Wild Daffodil just posted her ‘Love in Ten Sentences’ and I am just blown away by it.  I’d describe her post as full of truths with a side of sweet silliness…and then, Boom!, such a serious yet simple and thought provoking quote.   There is no such thing as ‘too much love’ so head over and visit her.  You might even find yourself composing your own ‘Love in Ten Sentences’ afterwards…

Fruitless Pursuits And Rootless Gains…

fruitless pursuits

After it became clear to me exactly where I did not want to spend the next year of my life (away from my family at school) a discussion ensued as to what the next year might look like for us.  It was mostly relating to the garden and our desired family business, but they are so connected to how we live as a family unit, each decision affects all. Continue reading

Leaving Home


Margaret Maeve 10, Adrien 9, Seán Proinsias 7, Tadhg 6, Nuala 4

Finances and food are big sources of our motivation towards inventive self-sufficiency, but there is one more reason–our future.  We are planning a family business around our homefarm and that directs much of our thinking and choices also.   Learning as we go along has shown to be a long and hard way of getting there. Continue reading



Some people choose a life of subsistence; for others, it chooses them. This is an example of the latter with a smattering of history, economics, and sociology in there as well. I really enjoy how richly authentic this is written.

Continue reading

Creating time to stop and smell the roses

I’m delighted to say that I finished my lesson 1 beginner sewing tutorial a few weeks earlier than expected. Needing a gift for a birthday party, I seized an opportunity to make what was the subject of my tutorial, hence, killing two birds with one stone.  Although I’m not so fond of the image conjured up by that saying, I like the sentiment that it evokes; any singular effort that accomplishes more than one objective gives double the gratification and often creates available time. My excitement never wanes over feats like this. Continue reading

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