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Garden To Table: How to Make Courgette (Zucchini) Bake with Risotto & Cheese

“Can I have the recipe for your…?”  has got to be the best circuitous compliment that can be dished out as regards to a meal prepared for someone.

I love when people enjoy my cooking.  Who wouldn’t?  There is something so gratifying about connecting on such a basic yet significant level.

If you would like to experience this jubilation, and you know a cheese and rice lover, then prepare this exalted dish and listen to the silence of everyone eating–silence followed by ‘oohs’, ‘ahhhs’, and ‘wows’. And eventually a request for the recipe.20150621_151427 Continue reading

Garden To Table: How To Make Fermented Dilly Eggs With Kale, Onion, Chilies, Wild Garlic & Aran Islands Seaweed

If you’re lucky, the Easter Bunny might deliver some delicious fermented eggs to you this Sunday.  But no worries if you don’t discover any in your daffodil patch–they’re pretty darn easy to make yourself. Fermented eggs are similar to pickled eggs, but much healthier because, well, they’re fermented. Instead of relying on vinegar to impart the wickedly wonderful flavor they’re known for, lactic acid works it’s magic–check out this link to read my very unscientific explanation of how it casts its spell on food. Continue reading

Sticky Spiders, Dust Bunnies, & My Psychic Blogger Friend


Since we decided to avoid buying meat and veg from the shop, I was led to my pantry today hopeful to find something that might creatively blend with the goat loin strip planned for tonight’s dinner.

After finding dust bunnies partying with spiders in rings of dripped honey and spilled dog food, my exploration was redirected to cleaning the pantry from top to bottom. Continue reading

Fruitless Pursuits And Rootless Gains…

fruitless pursuits

After it became clear to me exactly where I did not want to spend the next year of my life (away from my family at school) a discussion ensued as to what the next year might look like for us.  It was mostly relating to the garden and our desired family business, but they are so connected to how we live as a family unit, each decision affects all. Continue reading

Freeze Those Old Bananas–Here’s How

This delicious box of overripe bananas was given to us this week.  That’s a lot of bunches…

Continue reading

Eggnog, Mulled Wine, and Kombucha Tea

      DSCF1465 (2)

Sorry, no eggnog or mulled wine in this post, but all three group together so well during this festive time of year that I could not resist mentioning them.  Last night I toted these soon to be nineteen liters of kombucha tea up the stairs and into the hot press where they will stay warm and cozy.  Soon those magical bubbles will appear and, not long after, they will be ready for bottling. At that time they’re fine for drinking so we’ll all imbibe a little, but we prefer to second ferment them with fresh fruit, spices, and various flavorings.  Cinnamon, cardamom, and ginger is one of my favorite winter warmers. Vanilla sticks make the healthiest cream soda you’ll ever taste–it is just WOW!  And any berry is a must all year round.  I’m not sure what other flavours we will be making, but they’re all sure to be delicious, nutritious, and just in time for the Christmas giving.  And now I have a full year to concoct fermented versions of eggnog and mulled wine!

 DSCF1464 (2)

1/3 full or 2/3 empty?

The last of 2 kilos… I would’ve made more if I’d only known how good it would be.

DSCF1316 (4)

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