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Curlicue, I Love You

DSC_0304 (4).JPG

I’m not sure if my new snail is an early Mother’s Day gift or a just-because gift and it really doesn’t matter either way. I received this new piece of garden art from the heart and hands of Margaret Maeve last Friday. The opposite side is painted  ‘To: Mom ‘ and she made it in metal work class at school. How lucky am I?!

This is my ‘spiral‘ photograph for the weekly challenge hosted by Sandra and Cathy. Thanks for the inspiration ladies, and thank you for the one of a kind and made with love present Margaret Maeve. Xx

Create Without Limits

I think it’s understood by all who read this blog that there are six other creatives behind the scenes of The Aran Artisan that contribute in each their own means. If I had my way, everyone in our family would participate in the writing; they know they are more than welcome to. Johnny takes quite a few of the photographs and helps with the editing and I know he is happy with that role. I’ve encouraged the children to consider writing book reviews, poetry, or short stories but it just hasn’t been the right time for any of them to do so and that’s just fine with me. They certainly contribute plenty of material through their daily living for me to shape my writing around. My family is the heart and soul of this blog.

Yesterday my eldest child, Margaret Maeve, turned thirteen years old. I’ve mentioned her Instagram art account Create Without Limits before and several of you support, encourage, and follow her and for that I thank you. Her birthday seemed just the time to do something that we’ve talked about for a few months now, adding that account here on the blog. So that’s what I’ve done, here in the widget section on the right-hand side, you’ll find her most recent posts →January 2017 cardyestercolor.jpg

Above is a thank you card made using a drawing of hers. It’s drawn from a photograph and is the first grandchild of the cousin who sent the children their telescope at Christmas.  They each wrote a message of thanks and it’s been sent on its way to America. I’m both proud and happy to feature her here and hope the other children also eventually add their own personal touch to the pages of our blog.

Card’ is the photo word this week for the One a Week Photo Challenge hosted by Sandra and Cathy. Yes, I’m a day late with my entry. Again.


“We build deep and loving family relationships by doing simple things together.”  Dieter F. Uchtdorf

Margaret Maeve’s Oatmeal Raisin Cookies

Margaret Maeve baked cookies tonight and decided to take pictures along the way, then she edited and showed me.  How could I not post?!  I’m so proud of her effort at both baking and documenting and wanted to share.  I’m pretty sure it’s the Quaker Oats recipe that this originated from.

cookies part 1 cookies part 2

Boys Rock At Sewing!

Of course I teach my sons to sew.  And other people’s boys as well.  They love creating just as much as girls, and totally love operating machinery. But rather than allude to gender stereotypes (which I totally disagree with) I prefer to brag about my adorable, talented, thoughtful, and all-around amazing first born son, Adrien.  After school yesterday he completed these pillows for his sister Margaret Maeve’s birthday.  I mentioned her before, she had ten pillows on her bed, now twelve, and after receiving these, fourteen.  All his idea, all his own handy work.

PicMonkey Collage

p.s. He wanted to make sure that his Liverpool Football Club badge on his jersey was showing, so I’ll do him the favor of pointing it out to you :).

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