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eat fish pie as dusk dusts over the days end

Not too long ago we spent a beautiful few days and evenings with the visiting family of some island living friends.

Amazing weather makes amazing memories and on this night the swimming, dining, and fishing all at the Kilronan pier offered some fine photo opportunities.  Click on any picture to start a wee slideshow.

eat fish pie

as dusk dusts over

the days end

I think any of the pictures could represent this week’s photo word ‘strength’ for many different reasons.  Does one say ‘strong’ more than the others to you?

Haiku fun brought to us by Ronovan Writes, thanking him for the two cool words, ‘pie and dust’.

I hope all who read this are well and so are those you love.

Melissa Xx

Friends Helping Friends

With the help of friends and cooperation from Mother Nature, we at last got our new plastic on our enlarged polytunnel. In chilly weather with many helping hands,we had the work done in record time.  It’s a wonderful feeling to accomplish such a large and necessary task with the cooperation of so many, each knowing instinctively when to lead, when to follow, and when to stay out of the way.

in shivering air

with so much work to be done

friendship warms the heart

20160325_123745 (2)

The photo challenge word of the week is ‘friends’ and Ronovan’s haiku challenge words this week are ‘friend & shiver’.

True friends are among the greatest of all blessings….feeling appreciation for all my friendships, near and far.

p.s. Apologies for not answering comments sooner!  Busy days keeping me from doing so…neglecting my cyber friends feels horrible, but I’m steadily balancing the scales of work and home.  Thanks for your continued understanding and wonderful advice about managing it all.

Melissa Xx

Art For Art’s Sake




feelings about plans

are upheaved

Have you ever written something in first person point of view for the sake of art that you aren’t entirely convinced is true or within your own beliefs?

I ask because I don’t really believe what I wrote in the above haiku and only did so to achieve the opposites aspect of it.  Written in the past tense, it states that my joy about our plans to at last recover our polytunnel were dashed away by an unexpected puff of wind. 

I know that isn’t going to happen though.  The thought had never even crossed my mind.

As a believer in the Law of Attraction, I was hesitant to pen the words, but it just worked so well.  I’m too positive a person to worry that our plans might literally be blown away into orbit. 

Is there a line that shouldn’t be crossed for the sake of art– perhaps one of moral integrity?  Can form truly be separated from content?   Should art stand alone, separate from religion, politics, and humanity?  Is it even possible for art to exist in a separate realm from life’s other matters?  These thoughts are lingering in my mind as I debate printing something, as trivial as it is, that I don’t truly mean.

Ronovan’s haiku words this week are ‘plan & lift’ and the photo word is ‘outline’ (the tunnel frame being an outline of what’s to come).  Anyone can join in; both challenges are growing week by week.

Writing Letters By Hand

stationary photos

When I stumbled upon the stationary section at TK Maxx (Europe’s equal to North America’s TJ Maxx) I was in paper heaven, so I not only got a stationary and note card set, I purchased thank you and hello cards, colour therapy postcards, and a pack of mixed design coordinating papers to make my own cards and envelopes (pictured with my paper cutter).  Also on my 16 for 2016 list is hand written letters so now I’m ready to answer some overdue correspondences as soon as I return from my holiday next week (which is also on my list!).

scintillating thoughts;

hand hugs pen, words woo paper-

a slow dance ensues

I hope you all have a wonderful week and I’ll catch up upon my return.

Melissa Xx

Home For Nine Points

home scrabble home

in the game scrabble,

smooth is worth eleven points,

milk ten, and home nine


The scrabble ‘HOME’ cubes are a few years old now, an irresistible buy as the game is a big part of our family and home life.  The scrabble game itself is mine from the late 80s and has wooden tiles and holders.

The family name collage is from two years ago as is the picture of Nuala.  The other two pictures are of our family room and taken this week.  I’ve never liked the blue wall paint, thinking that it makes the room feel cold.  I spent this past week painting the interior of the hotel where I work and now see our small room as nothing to tackle in comparison.

Painting our family room is not all I considered from a new perspective this week.  I had to do a bit of creative thinking to make Ron’s haiku words ‘milk & smooth’ work.  The  photo ended up being a collage as I struggled to pick just one to represent this week’s photo word ‘home’.

Have a super weekend everyone!

Melissa Xx

Equally Unique & Special


immense balance and

concentration clearly guides

young attention span

Fun and games.

Has anyone else modified the traditional egg and spoon race to potato and spoon?  That’s how we do it here on the island; a very Irish substitute indeed.

Does it matter that one child might have a smaller-than-other’s potato which is easier to balance on a larger-than-other’s spoon? Continue reading

Moving in Black & White


Most elements of this picture have movement- the sun, cloud, birds, water, wind turbine, and ferry all move as a means to either be productive or simply as the way they exist.  There’s no profound reasoning behind the choice to start and stop at the lighthouse and the small island which it’s built upon, I just chose these two points because they are the anchors, never moving despite all the motion around them.  This is the view we see minute before docking at the pier on Inis Mor– the lighthouse is always a sign we are almost home.  Go on, find one of these two points and follow it throughout until you come to the other end.

black ink, white paper.

one-line design ‘of the sea’

passenger ferry

Why ‘of the sea’? Most of the ferries that service the island are named ‘Something of the Sea’–

Draiocht na Farraige– Magic of the Sea

Ceol na Farraige– Music of the Sea

Glór na Farraige– Voice of the Sea

Banríon na Farraige– Queen of the Sea

While the boats are similar, they’re not the same.   The details of the ferry I drew were gotten from this picture and from the Aran Island Ferries website header picture.  Details of Straw Island lighthouse I got from here.

20151203_182527     pic-3008916208-9x3TIN     20151205_123515

Simple beginnings, then redo over and over and over, adding in the details.  The first one I drew, upper right corner, was from memory.  There are plenty of scribbles I’ve not shown here, but you get the idea of the process nonetheless.

I do so hope everyone all my European friends are safe and sound while Storm Desmond blows by.

Cheers to the weekend!

Melissa Xx

Blooming Bells


shy blooms locked up tight,

the extroverted bells flaunt

and gab ‘look at me!’

The name for Canterbury bells comes from the word campanula which means “little bells”.  Though not so little at around 3″ long each, the description otherwise is a good one since the flowers are bell-shaped.  They’re an annual , therefore need to be sown each year.  Being big, bright, and long lasting with blooms varying in colours of pink, lavender, blue, and white, they’re well worth the little bit of effort they require to keep happy.  They’re showiness is not easily ignored.

Thanks Ronovan for choosing two wonderful words for this week’s Haiku Challenge, ‘lock & gab’. Especially challenging when a word has only one meaning to work with.

Thank you Jamie for choosing ‘bloom’ at such a fitting time of year for your 52 Weeks of Photography Challenge.

And thank you to the star of the show, the Canterbury bells, for providing my inspiration.

A Block of Galway’s Green by Bicycle

Yesterday Margaret Maeve and I went to Galway with a very short to-do list.  We thought we might rent bikes and zoom around the city streets a bit.  Or maybe see a movie if time allowed.  First we started out with some charity shop/second hand shopping.  There were so many wonderful bargains we wanted, but we settled on a few items for the scarecrow we’ll be making for our corn field.

20150613_160427 (6)

The Galway Cathedral –1965-2015– Celebrating 50 Years

Next we went to meet the newest Gillan, born one week ago, and afterwards we were off to the shopping center.  From there is where I spied the dome and rooftop of the Galway Cathedral– a dull, yet lovely, patina shade of green.  Being only a few blocks away, we headed over for a closer look.  It’s just incredible both inside and out with it’s mixed styles of architecture using stain glass mosaics, Galway limestone, Connemara marble, West African mahogany, and western red cedar from the Pacific coast of America.  Seating 1500 people, it’s the largest church I have ever set foot in and really deserves a post devoted entirely to itself.

Continue reading

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