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Music To Our Ears

For the first time in months, there’s finally been enough rainfall to generate more than a wee trickle from the natural well that feeds our duck pond. Now that there’s a bit of water to spare, we can refill bins for watering the rest of the garden also. Yesterday’s rain was perfect. It started out light enough that the crumbly topsoil could well absorb it. This allowed the following hours of downpouring rain to infiltrate the soil deeply and not just running off the earth’s surface, down to the sea.

Parts of Ireland have experienced a drought for the past few months. Here on the Aran Islands, we rely on rainfall to fill the tanks which provide household water. Since it hasn’t been raining and the supplies are so low, the water is shut off in the evenings for a few weeks now. The thinking behind this decision is to ration water and to stop any water waste that may be occurring from possible leaks in the lines.

When I walked out my front door last evening, it was both gratifying and magical to hear the rushing water added to the symphony of birdsong and rustling leaves played by nature.

Cheers, Melissa Xx


 “Nature’s music is never over; her silences are pauses, not conclusions.”     Mary Webb

All Summer in a Day


This weekend’s wet and windy weather got me thinking of Ray Bradbury’s iconic short story, All Summer in a Day. I’ve thought of it often since moving to Ireland, a trip down the memory lane of primary school required reading. It left a lasting impression on me and today it reminds me that no matter how much it rains or for how long it’s grey outside, we truly never have to wait very long before the sun will be shining again.

Imagine this…

You live on a planet where rain falls continuously, except for every seven years when the sun comes out for just one hour. Now imagine you’re nine years old, once lived on Earth and, because of this, you’re the only child in your class who remembers experiencing the sun. Your peers don’t understand; it isn’t possible for they were only two years old when it last shined and they have no memory of it. Their envy of your knowledge fuels a wicked decision that results in you missing out on seeing and feeling the long-awaited arrival of the perfect sunshine.

It’s a short story but the message is huge, depicting a true principle of the human condition–jealousy, an emotion that can cause people to hurt other people because they want something that they have and don’t want others to have it if they can’t. Groups of people can behave surprisingly, even do unethical acts that most of the people wouldn’t do if they were acting alone–mob mentality, gang bullying–and it isn’t pleasant. Continue reading

A Story of Rain

Anywhere there’s a dip in the land of our homefarm, there’s a puddle temptingly waiting to be waded through by duck or welly boot.dsc_0020-2

The earth around us has reached its maximum water holding capacity and is now overflowing in many areas.


This happens quickly on the island in relentless rainfall because the soil is shallow and just a few feet below, if not a few inches, are masses of solid limestone. Continue reading

Springing in the Rain





showery days don’t

allow play time out of doors

to burn energy


A drizzle quickly turned into a downpour today but not before I captured Margaret Maeve enjoying some exercise on her pogo stick.

As a child, I recall playing in the rain in the sticky heat of summer while jumping in puddles on the hot tarmac of the driveway.  My sense of smell holds this memory tightly.

Another thought is of my entire family racing home from a walk in the neighbouring woods just in time to get out of the down pouring rain, only to discover we were locked out of the house.  What fun we had ducking into our fort that wasn’t exactly watertight!  It was the first and only time my parents ever joined us there, but so memorable.

And many times I’m caught out with my own children while walking the dog and we giggle as we sprint towards home.  Of course, we can only go as fast as the youngest little legs can.

Do you remember playing in the rain as a child, or have you as an adult, with or without your own children?

These memories were brought forth by this week’s photo challenge word ‘spring’ and Ronovan’s haiku words ‘shower & play’.

Have a happy weekend everyone!

Melissa Xx

Rain, rain, go away.

20160109_150551According to the weather station in Newcastle, total rainfall so far this year in Galway is 33.4 mm/1.31 inches. It feels like so much more than that with flooded fields and spongy earth all over the island.

We are actually fortunate as the rainfall mostly runs off the island hillsides, collecting here and there but not overflowing rivers and flooding homes as it is on the mainland.

After years being ignored in storage, today we hung up our rain gauge and Johnny said jokingly that now it likely won’t rain anymore. Let’s hope he’s right, for ourselves, and more so for the sake of the mainlanders who have no homes to live in right now and have seen their possessions and treasures ruined by seemingly endless rainfall.

Writing 201– Poetry Day 2: Combine ‘Journey, Limerick, Alliteration’ & Other Works In Progress

limerick poem

Writing 201 — Poetry Day 2: Combine ‘Journey, Limerick, Alliteration’

I’m really enjoying this week of poetry.  This limerick came easy for me…maybe the Irish influence 🙂

My fourth sewing tutorial is in edit and nearly ready to be published along with another recipe and my 52 weeks of photos/RonovanWrites combo post.

So many things are composing themselves in my always busy brain.  With my change of plans, we have refocused on this years garden and have just ordered some great seeds to grow veg and flowers for ourselves and for selling.  Regarding the animals, we are due a couple of our first spring kids any time in the next week or two.  The chickens are loving the extra daylight and celebrating so by giving us more eggs.

I am bouncing around in joy today after receiving a text last evening that my favorite swim pal in the world is coming to the island for the next three days with her four gorgeous children.  Got to love spring break…now bring on the sunshine.  But rain or shine, we’ll be taking a dip or two–she’s tough as nails and a great motivator!

May you all enjoy this Happy Pancake Day/Shrove Tuesday/Mardi Gras wherever you are.  We’ll be having sweet potato pancakes for dinner, hopeful to be served aside some fresh fish.  Johnny and I are off to go fishing now, so with luck on our side, we will have something for the table and freezer upon return.  Take care, Melissa Xx

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