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Pallet Picnic Table Repair

pallet picnic table

Our picnic table was given to us a few years back by some lovely people who handmade it themselves but couldn’t take it with them when they were moving away from the island. It’s been in dozens and dozens of our photos though never itself the subject of attention. Being extra long, makes it extra perfect for our large family, especially when friends and family are added to the mix. More often the tabletop is used as a platform for the children to sit upon and to spring from; this resulted in a board breaking and creating a hole. Just before Nuala’s birthday party last week Johnny refurbished the top using recycled pallet wood and then it was painted with some awesome paint from #Faherty Paints in Galway. It’s substantially heavier but that’s not a problem. I need to pick up more paint to finish the job next trip to the city, but even so, we’re really happy with the results and here you can see the transition for yourself.

DSC_0323 (3)

Hooray for having a handy hubby!! 🔨📐🖌

A Fleeting Glimpse of the Sun

20150426_181721Here are some outdoor garden pics taken last week before the sun decided to go on holiday.  We built a tee pee using recycled tires as planters because there’s only a few inches of soil there atop a large slab of stone.  And because it looks kinda cool.

Tadhg and I planted two yardlong beans in each and added the plastic as a temporary measure with the intention to add a bit of extra warmth once we closed the front opening.  Fortunately, we sowed many more than we needed and have spares, as the wind and wintry showers which arrived the next day severely battered the tender seedlings.

I said in a previous post that we wait until late May/June to plant out.  But it’s so easy to be fooled into packing winter coats and hats away in April.  I blame the sun and the hypnotic trance it puts on us islanders. Continue reading

Trashy Romance

According to Hallmark, the twelve year wedding anniversary gift is silk or pearls.  Do I seem like that kind of girl? I already own both and they rarely see the light of day.  But take me to a recycling plant and woo me with old tires and discarded doors and the possibility of romance is highly likely.


tattered and tossed out

no longer used or wanted

gems for the taking

At the island’s recycling plant you can put diesel in your car, order home heating oil, purchase freshly made compost, drop off unwanted clothing (which will be donated to a mainland charity), have a bit of gardening conversation (or whatever’s your interest), and of course, this is where trash and recycling end up after collection.

20150424_135554Well organized and free for the taking, like a candy store for the thrifty minded, scavenger hunters, and talented tinkerers, this is where Johnny and I ended up today.  He tried to talk me out of the door, so I played the ‘but it’s our anniversary and that’s what I want’ card.  He couldn’t see my vision of a door-to-nowhere in the garden and we eventually compromised on getting it with the decision that it would lead ‘somewhere’ and actually function–I know just the spot.  I did not yet get him to agree to painting it pink, but nonetheless, it now sits in our storage and, no matter what colour it eventually becomes, it will be a wonderful reminder for years to come of our twelfth wedding anniversary.

Aren’t the frosted leaves on the windows pretty?  I’m hearing “I belong in the garden surrounded by lush trailing and climbing flower and ivy gorgeousness!”

*This one was hard Ronovan.  I really wanted to do an anniversary post but there is nothing romantic about ‘tatters’, just doesn’t fit our story.  But it all came together in the end.  Thanks for another challenging Haiku challenge!


the words romance and tatters

 find a common ground

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