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Music To Our Ears

For the first time in months, there’s finally been enough rainfall to generate more than a wee trickle from the natural well that feeds our duck pond. Now that there’s a bit of water to spare, we can refill bins for watering the rest of the garden also. Yesterday’s rain was perfect. It started out light enough that the crumbly topsoil could well absorb it. This allowed the following hours of downpouring rain to infiltrate the soil deeply rather than just running off the earth’s surface, down to the sea.

Parts of Ireland have been experiencing a drought for the past few months. Here on the Aran Islands, we rely on rainfall to fill the tanks which provide household water. Since it hasn’t been raining and the supplies are so low, the water has been shut off in the evenings for a few weeks now. The thinking behind this decision is to ration water and also to stop any water waste that may be occurring from possible leaks in the lines.

When I walked out my front door last evening, it was both gratifying and magical to hear the rushing water added to the symphony of birdsong and rustling leaves played by nature.

Cheers, Melissa Xx


 “Nature’s music is never over; her silences are pauses, not conclusions.”     Mary Webb

Heart of Stone

Welcome to week 4 of the 52 Weeks of Photos & Haiku– the photo challenge is hosted by the crafty and gifted Jamie at Bluedaisyz, and the Haiku challenge is hosted by the debonair wordsmith Ronovan at RonovanWrites.   He gives two words which need to be incorporated into the Haiku.  Sounds easy, so I thought.  The limitations really tested me.  This weeks photo word is ‘small’ and the Haiku words are ‘fret & chill’.  When you’re done here, hop on over and give them both a visit.  It’s never too late to join in!

Though not my first week adding a Haiku to my photo, it is the first time it was part of a challenge, prompted by this weeks Blogging 101 assignment “Try Another Blog Event”.  Now that the formalities are over, on to the fun stuff….

♥               ♥               ♥               ♥               ♥               ♥               ♥               ♥               ♥               ♥  

This stone fits this weeks theme of ‘small’ just perfectly.  Meant to be mine, it stood out from among thousands of larger and showier stones. Right time, right place, right glance downwards, and there it was!  Nature never fails to impress does it?

With a numbing chill

A heart of stone frets away

To its diamond core

 ♦               ♦               ♦               ♦               ♦               ♦               ♦               ♦               ♦               ♦    

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